Why Investing in SEO Makes Good Business Sense

The face of the digital world has witnessed a complete makeover over the last decade. The most prominently visible facet of this change is the growth that Google Search has made. 

With 93% of all online experiences originating with a search engine, the change has undoubtedly been for the better. Along the same lines, search engine optimization has also come into prominence.

However, businesses are still wary of spending resources on SEO given the ever-expanding repository of algorithm updates being made by Google.

We’re here to present a detailed account of why such inhibitions make sense only on the surface-level.

So, without further ado, let’s discuss why hiring the services of the best SEO companies in Delhi NCR is a profitable endeavor.

SEO is the bridge between your business and the customers who are already searching for you

A report by Google suggests that search engines impact people in their I-Want-To-Buy Moments. According to the report, 39% of customers made a relevant search before making a purchase.

So, it is clear that search engines impact consumer behavior. Moreover, internet users across the globe make a whopping 3.5 billion searches a day.

When you join the dots together, the impact of SEO becomes apparent.

In clearer terms, effective SEO helps you to capitalize on the heavy traffic experienced by search engines. 61% of marketers working on inbound marketing strategies share this sentiment.

SEO is for the turtles, not the rabbits (but we all know who wins the race)

Search Engine Optimisation is different from traditional marketing methods in the sense that it does not guarantee results from the get-go.

The buffer period linked with getting returns on investments made in SEO can go as high as 6 months or more.

But, the flip-side is that SEO rewards you for your patience. Once your website acquires a respectable ranking, it holds it for a considerable period.

To put things into a quantitative perspective, let’s compare SEO with PPC advertising. According to a study, the former brings in 15x more clicks compared to the latter.

Moreover, the major expenditure linked with SEO is that of hiring from the best SEO companies in Delhi NCR. Apart from that, you don’t need to pay any other major bills.

SEO leads to the holistic development of your website

Keyword research is a big part of all SEO strategies. However, as Google’s algorithm has grown smarter with time, SEO has also become more nuanced.

That’s why the best SEO companies in Delhi NCR chart out detailed plans for revamping client websites.

Google’s focus has now shifted towards creating a well-rounded user-experience.

So, variables like website speed, UX design, and security influence search engine rankings.

Optimizing for such variables also enhances the quality of your website. To elucidate this point further, let’s consider the impact of website speed on conversions.

Data suggests that if your website takes more than 3 seconds to load, its conversion rate falls by 12% for every extra second.

In other words, SEO not only helps you to benefit from the enormous traffic that search engines receive, but it also allows you to make your website as conversion-ready as possible. 

SEO results aren’t arbitrary

Modern-day marketing allows room for quantifiable result-tracking. Thus, an advertising channel that doesn’t provide access to concrete metrics fails to live up to today’s standards.

Luckily, SEO doesn’t disappoint in this regard.

Even if you don’t conduct a full website audit, tools like Google Analytics and Google Search console uncover a plethora of relevant information concerning website traffic.

Moreover, if you allow SEO companies in Delhi NCR to examine your SEO needs, you become privy to metrics generated by sophisticated result-tracking systems.

Based on the inferences founded on engagement metrics like conversion rate, time on page, pages per visit, bounce rate, and scroll depth, you can identify what works on your website and what doesn’t.

All in all, SEO acts as an advertising medium that reflects the viability of your efforts. It enables course-correction at timely intervals.

SEO is also an exercise in brand-building

For budding companies, establishing themselves as credible entities in the business world has always been a top priority.

Nowadays, the best SEO companies in Delhi have become a vehicle that can be used to achieve the above-mentioned outcome.

Well, you’d be surprised to find out how much power ranking high on search engines has. Data suggests that 31.7% of the clicks registered by a search engine originate from the first organic listing alone.

So, it is only natural for a business to be seen as credible and trustworthy if its website ranks highly on major search engines.

Moreover, since SEO and Social Media marketing work hand-in-hand, the former’s utility as a brand-building tool is pronounced even greatly. 

What do SEO agencies bring to the table?


Think of SEO as a genie, and the best SEO agencies in Gurgaon as the lamp that you need to scratch to get your three wishes.

Especially for small businesses, creating an in-house SEO division is a wasteful exercise when SEO companies in Noida already provide the framework that SMEs need.

Furthermore, the systemic nature of SEO, and it’s time-bound result-cycle doesn’t leave much room for trial-and-error.