Why Hand Sanitizer Spray May Be Preferred

With the coronavirus pandemic going on, one of the things that has received the biggest highlight is the use of a sanitizer to keep yourself clean. Given the sudden surge in demand for this product, we are now seeing products made by companies from all over the world. There are a lot of brands that have popped up only after the pandemic started and everyone is providing solutions of different kinds. While it may be debatable as to which company is producing good products and which company cannot be relied on, one thing that you can do to figure out the difference is the alcohol percentage in the product.

However, even with the good ones figured out, one thing that you still need to decide is if the type of sanitizer you use should be in the form of liquid, foam, or gel. After checking a lot of different components, we have come up with the result that using a hand sanitizer spray would be your best option. Here are the reasons why that is the case.

Good Alcohol Quantity

Of all the different types of hand sanitizers, the ones found in the spray form are usually providing the correct percentage of alcohol. You can also tell if a spray has the right quantity of alcohol in it by simply smelling it. Other types of sanitizers often come with scents added to them which can throw you off significantly. However, the thing that really makes it stand out directly is the fact that it can be spread effectively as well.

The alcohol quantity that you use makes all the difference when it comes to being safe or unsafe. If the amount of alcohol is not correct, you are running the risk of getting infected simply because the virus has not been disabled properly. Therefore, a hand sanitizer spray would do the best job for you.

Excellent Spread

The biggest plus point that you get from using a hand sanitizer spray is that it allows you to spread the sanitizer evenly and across a large area. Sprays also have a wide range as compared to other products which are applied directly on the hand. What that means is that you can use it to disinfect other areas as well apart from your hands. This could include anything ranging from your car keys, you water bottles, steering wheels, phone, door handles, and any other surface that you may come in contact with frequently.

Of course, cleaning surfaces with a hand sanitizer is not an ideal thing as you should be using surface disinfectants for that. However, in a state of emergency you should be able to use it to prevent yourself from getting infected.

Cleaner Product

Another thing that makes hand sanitizers in liquid spray form a much better option is the fact that they do not leave any residue on your hands. A lot of sanitizers, especially the ones in gel form can sometimes leave residue on your hands after you use them. While there may be a chance that you end up with dead virus particles on your hands, the thing that would bother you the most is that it would make your hands unclean. That would be counterproductive considering the function that the hand sanitizer is supposed to perform. Liquid hand sanitizers do their job and then evaporate completely and do not leave any residue on your hands.


Using liquid sanitizer sprays will certainly provide you with the protection that you need during the day. However, it is also the most convenient and versatile of all. Of course, we are not saying that you should not use any other type of sanitizer at all as when needed they certainly do the job as well.