Why doesn't Tim Cook pose with his own AirPods?

We all know that Trump uses an iPhone, but does Tim Apple actually wear its own wireless headphones? I am no longer sure what to believe in – because Apple & # 39; s fearless leader's photographic evidence is clearly photo shoppered!


See Tim Cook's Twitter profile photo above before – and after – today's AirPods Pro unveiling. Below is the before / after of March when Apple launched the AirPods 2:

And with a totally off-the-cuff, way too fast to be sure of searching images, I also found no other examples of Cook wearing AirPods. Suspicious! The closest was this interview with ABC News 2016 (at 1:44) where he says he has been wearing them for a while, he mimics with a few, but she doesn't really model.

What does it mean that three times now the leader of & # 39; the world's most powerful technology company couldn't bother putting these gadgets in his ears for photo editing? I'm not going to start answering that, because it's nicer to imagine that, and absolutely not because the actual answer is probably something obvious, such as "his time is too valuable to run his own Twitter account," or "Apple is terrified that someone will take a picture when one of them accidentally drops out." "