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Why Do You Need Duct Cleaning Service in Spring Season?

In Australia, September marks the beginning of the spring season. This is a wonderful time of the year as people can enjoy the breeze coming in from their windows. Also, this is the perfect time to clean every corner of the house. Well, air duct cleaning should also be there on the list. The air ducts determine the quality of the indoor air and affect the health of the people. The duct cleaning Melbourne service from a reliable company can be of great help. Here is why you should consider booking a duct cleaning service in the spring season:

  • Mould Removal 

The air ducts receive moisture throughout the year. In summer, the chances of mould formation can be very high. High humidity levels along with the moisture collected in a year can lead to big trouble. The mould spores grow into mould filaments when they get favourable conditions such as warmth, humidity and dirt. Fungal infections can spread in the skin and respiratory system if mould is not controlled. 

 The experts can be hired in the spring season as they can remove the mould collected in previous years. They can also remove the excess moisture from the ducts. The anti-fungal and sanitisation treatments done by the experts improve the quality of the air and save the ducts from further damage. The air ducts will get ready to do their tasks efficiently in the summer. 

  • HVAC System Gets a Break 

In winter and summer, the HVAC system has to work continuously to maintain cold or hot temperature. People don’t want to give break to the HVAC system. In these seasons, people stay indoors. On the other hand, people love to travel in the spring seasons. Maximum damage is caused to the ducts in these seasons. Also, the accumulation of dust particles and debris happens during this time. Spring duct cleaning can provide the ducts with a good break. The people can open the windows and enjoy the natural air as the weather remains pleasant. 

The duct repair Melbourne expert can check the defects and fix the flaws with help of advanced tools and products. Even the cleaners can remove mould, dust particles, allergens, germs and other contaminants with ease.

  • Prevention of Allergies 

The house can become a bit messy in the spring seasons. The pollens and allergens can enter the house or an office through wet shoes or windows. The allergens can enter the air ducts and pollute the air that is being circulated in the building. People can fall sick because of these allergens. Skin problems and breathing issues can increase because of the contaminated air. 

It is necessary for property owners to ask the experts to clean the ducts. In the spring season, the efficiency of the filters can decrease if they are not cleaned properly. The experts have modern cleaning devices that help them in cleaning the filters. 

  • Cleaning Increases Life of Air Ducts

Generally, the air ducts are designed in such a way that they last around 10-15 years. But, lack of cleanliness and maintenance does allow the ducts to stay efficient for a long time. If you don’t want to replace the ducts after every few years, hire repair specialists from time to time. They change and repair the damaged parts and ensure that the heating and cooling happen perfectly.  


Though there is no perfect season for duct cleaning, spring season has some added advantages. To remove the filth accumulated in the previous years and to prepare the ducts for the upcoming years, you can ask the cleaners to clean the ducts in seasons. There are many benefits of regular duct cleaning and you should not ignore them.