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Why Do You Need an Automated Desk

Automated desks are becoming popular in modern offices. And there is a quite logical explanation for this: they allow you to change your work position from sitting to standing throughout the day. Do you know how you can benefit from such a workstation?

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A comfortable work environment is essential for efficiency and career advancement. Getting one in a small flat could have been difficult many years ago. Technology has brought a wide variety of devices, ranging from an L-shaped standing desk to a corner sit stand desk. But do you know why you should think about investing in an automated desk to create a modern office?

What Are the Benefits of an Automated Desk?

The human body functions best when it is in motion. The issue is that office workers spend the majority of their time sitting.

Finding a comfortable, practical, and painless position becomes a difficult task. This is where an automated desk can help. It has many benefits:

1. It Reduces the Risk of Heart Disease

Regular exercise helps compensate for long periods of sitting at work. But, if you spend all your time sitting from morning to evening, doing some exercises will not suffice.

In this case, investing in an automated desk is a fantastic option. It allows you to stand up from time to time, which is good for your health.

Prolonged sitting harms the cardiovascular system, causing a decrease in the level of high cartilage lipoproteins (HCLL) and increasing the risk of a heart attack. Automated desks allow you to move throughout the day while maintaining a healthy HCLL level.

2. Improves Muscle Tone

If you have already purchased an automated desk, it is critical to remember to move while working so that the spine’s regenerative ability remains active and the muscles remain elastic. Thus, it is important to alternate between standing and sitting positions, because sitting reduces muscle activity in the legs.

It means that the muscles and the bone-muscle system become weak. In the worst-case scenario, this can lead to bone mass loss, which is difficult to recover from. Furthermore, the muscles in the back and neck get relaxed and lose the quality of their key functions.

3. Boosts Productivity

In everyday work, situations arise where important decisions must be made efficiently. According to experts, standing increases brain activity by 20%.

As a result, it can produce decisions more quickly and efficiently, even at the end of a long and busy working day. As a result, the automated desk assists in not spending the entire working day in a monotonous sitting position, but in getting up frequently to stimulate the brain work.

4. Prevents Chronic Disease Exacerbation

When it comes to preventing chronic exacerbations, back pain, and cardiovascular disease, automated desks can be beneficial. Prolonged sitting has been shown in studies to limit the body’s ability to break down glucose with insulin.

Because muscles are underutilized, muscle cells become less insulin sensitive. As a result, less sugar is consumed, and less energy is generated.

As a result, long periods of sitting can result in type 2 diabetes. The automated desk activates muscles, allowing you to increase energy production due to glucose and thus life expectancy.

5. Prevents Obesity

In a seated position, the human body consumes only about 1 kcal per minute. At the same time, leg activity decreases and blood parameters deteriorate.

Sitting and standing tables allow you to move around during the day and contribute to your health by burning calories. This way, you can avoid obesity while also increasing your productivity at work.

Sports, however, cannot replace such “activity.” You should also exercise to stay healthy.

6. Saves Money

Fatigue, the tension in the neck, or back pain often take a chronic form. You will have to request time off from work to see an orthopedist or other specialist.

Consistent absences will have a significant impact on wages because an employee who is preoccupied with health issues is unlikely to be able to cope with work. The automated desk will solve the issue by reducing absenteeism while also improving health outcomes and assisting the company’s profitability.

With a durable automated desk, the employee will feel healthier and more tuned in. He will achieve the required objectives faster and with greater enjoyment.

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