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Why Do Motorcycles Seem To Be So Much More Dangerous Than Automobiles?

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Riding a motorcycle is an amazing way to travel. It is entertaining, reasonable, and provides an unmatched sense of freedom. However, riding a motorcycle is far more risky than driving a vehicle.

Motorcycle riders are far more likely to be injured in a collision than passenger car occupants. Although motorbikes comprised only 3% of all registered cars in the United States, they accounted for 14% of the total traffic fatalities in a recent year, according to the National Safety Council (NSC). Several factors have been shown to make motorcycle riding extremely dangerous. If you are involved in a motorcycle accident, try to contact High Stakes Injury Law.

Components contributing to motorcycle accidents


A lot of motorbikes have thrilling acceleration rates. One twist may seem to release infinite power, allowing us to speed, one of the leading factors in motorcycle accidents worldwide.

Alcohol and drug use

Unfortunately, drinking alcohol is a major global cause of motorcycle accidents. Any motor vehicle operation while drunk comes with danger, but riding a motorbike, in particular, calls for extreme caution.

Reduced visibility

Motorcycles are much smaller than vehicles, which makes them less noticeable to other motorists on the road. Other drivers might have issues spotting motorbikes, increasing the probability of an accident, especially at junctions or during lane changes.

Riding conditions

The riding conditions for motorcycle riders are comparable harsh due to the changing weather and direct environmental exposure without any roof support. The uneven roads and icy roads can be a factor of risk for the riders.

Guidelines and safety majors to follow

The safety majors play a crucial role in prioritizing the riders’ safe lives. Here are some practical steps to follow as safety instructions and awareness:

Protective gear

It is essential to use protective gear as a part of riding safety, which includes helmets, gloves, sturdy boots, and protective suits to reduce abrasion in the case of accidents.

Drive defensively

Approximately one-third of motorcycle accidents happen when automobiles merge into a motorbike’s path because they simply fail to observe you. Always be vigilant, and it helps to wear brightly colored clothing that is noticeable to other drivers.

Be careful at intersections.

This is where almost all motorbike accidents occur. Motorcycle riders are often hit by oncoming automobiles when making a left turn.

Contact a lawyer.

An experienced motorcycle accident lawyer knows how to negotiate the best compensation for your injuries and other accident-related expenses.

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