Why BlackBerry wants to protect the IoT

<pre><pre>Why BlackBerry wants to protect the IoT

BlackBerry CEO John Chen has set the pitch of the company as the backbone of the security of the ever-growing Internet of Things (IoT).

Today, at the BlackBerry Security Summit in London, Chen unveiled a new platform that the company believes could be the key to a secure IoT.

BlackBerry Spark tries to secure what it calls the entire "Enterprise of Things", and offers an end-to-end security service for the vast number of "hyperconnected" devices that are increasingly being attacked.

"We are experiencing a huge technical boom and we all have seats in the front row", added BlackBerry CTO Charles Eagen.

(Image: © Mike Moore)

BlackBerry Spark

Spark includes a number of new security tools and systems specifically designed by BlackBerry for IoT. This includes, among other things, ransomware security, contextual device management and a secure worldwide directory.

The platform works on multiple operating systems and BlackBerry has already registered AWS, Microsoft, Google, Nvidia and Samsung under its protection, allowing their IoT devices to be protected against the latest threats.

But the platform can also allow organizations to build smarter IoT services and processes, such as the use of voice-assisted AI assistants such as Amazon Alexa to build workspace calendars or enable communication between fleets of smart vehicles to provide information about the weather. or to send road conditions.

Chen noted that BlackBerry continues to expand its reach to a variety of industries and vertical markets as it seeks to position itself as one of the world's leading security companies.

"Our mission is very simple: we try to secure every possible endpoint," Chen said.