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Why Betting On Esports Is the Future


Esports started as innovation and some people capitalized on the idea and materialized it into existence. Then in a little time, people started betting on it—birthing what we call esports betting today. Now we have several variations of video games betting and the market is growing rapidly. But some are yet to have a conviction and certainty about the future of this sector. They ask questions like – what is it that makes people bet on games?

If you fall into such a category, this content is what you need. We are going to dissect what it holds for you in the near future. Enjoy!

Gaming Variety

When betting on a sport like basketball, there is nothing that can change the sport. It will always remain the same so there is no room for varieties except if you want to deviate to another sport. But with esports, you have several options as you can decide to bet on different titles. And each title is not necessarily under the same genre as we have several categories like:

  • Fighting
  • Racing
  • First-Person Shooter
  • Third-Person Shooter
  • Multiplayer Online Battle Arena
  • Real-Time Strategy

and many more.

If you are tired of racing games, you can switch to Real-Time strategy—which is still under esports betting.

Consistent Tournaments

In esports betting, you can never run out of big events compared to other sports. In sports like football, the World Cup doesn’t take place every year, and that is the same for several other tournaments in different sports. But in esports, there is a guarantee that each event will take place annually. It may not look like anything of significance to you but those who know how profitable the odds are during those times appreciate it.

Another interesting thing is that each tournament is never the same. There are different hosts and sponsors so their respective themes usually vary. If you want to make the most from it, target the events with the largest viewership. Not only are they interesting to watch, but you will also get the best love odds on them.

Digital Payment System

Although some of these digital payment systems are already in existence today, we are yet to see the best of them. For now, they call it skin betting and it involves using anything other than money to stake on your favorite games. It could be in-game currencies or cryptocurrencies like bitcoin, ethereum, and several other valuable virtual commodities. This innovation would reshape the markets in terms of privacy, making more people feel safe about betting.

Virtual and Augmented Reality Betting

Any tech enthusiast will let you know that Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) are the future of esport betting. Have you ever imagined how it will feel to have a 3D betting experience? Soon, you won’t need to imagine it because esports will make it possible.

Rather than having bettors watch on screen, VR is fashioned to make players have the same view that gamers have—a 3D view. That way, you will have a better view which would help you make better judgments and betting decisions. 

For those that love to go to live esports events and tournaments, AR is going to make a difference. Augmented Reality technology is working on ways to project things into reality. Imagine watching a racing game at an event and it feels like you are on the race track. Everything will look real and it will be as if the car is passing right in front of you. 

A combination of these technologies will be a big game-changer for the industry at large. And most importantly, esports is one of the few sports that can bring it into full manifestation.

Wrap Up

Although esports betting may seem to have some next-level innovations right now, take it from us when we say this is only the beginning. What the future holds in store is overwhelming and the best we can do is to wait. Either way, keep exercising patience because the wait would be worth it.

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