Why best-selling authors use Mindstir Media

Why best-selling authors use Mindstir MediaAccording to an analysis by ResearchAndMarkets.com, the global E-Book market is projected to get to $28.73 billion by 2026. This means that it will have a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 6.8% for 2018 – 2026. 


This growth could be attributed to the prevalence of portable devices which people use to read including tablets and smart-phones, the current significance of digital education, and increased awareness of the environmental effects of cutting trees. 


Mindstir Media is one company that is making use of technology to help new authors get their work out to the public. The company has been in business for more than a decade, and they have published almost 600 titles in numerous genres. The company is well-known for creating best-selling authors, and for helping them bring their ideas to life. 

How self-publishing works with Mindstir Media

Decide on a package 

There are seven packages available which are made up of services which cover everything you need to do before getting published. This includes book cover design, editing, barcode generation, marketing and publicity, ISBN assignment, and interior layout.


Sell your book to clients  

The self-publishing packages include distribution lists which include Amazon, Baker & Taylor, Books-A-Million, Barnes & Noble, and Ingram. Clients can then purchase your work though any of these outlets. The distribution list includes around 30,000 retailers, booksellers, and wholesalers in 100 countries. 


Mindstir Media takes care of the printing of your work and the order fulfilment 

Copies of your work are printed and then delivered to clients. For example, should your books be bought on Amazon, Mindstir Media will print your work and make sure that the client received the product. You are also able to get author copies of your book which will be delivered to your home – this is useful if you plan on having in-person events or if you want to sell copies of your work personally. 


Earn royalties 

For every copy of your book that is sold through Mindstir Media’s distribution list, you’ll earn royalties. Every quarter, the author receives royalty statements and checks. Although a minimum amount cannot be guaranteed, the company has been a great help to numerous self-published Amazon bestsellers and authors who work with the company have been shown on major TV networks including Lifetime and Destination America. 


What makes Mindstir Media unique

For every book that is published, there is a whole team involved including a book designer, project manager, and editor. However, with Mindstir Media, there is an added feature which is exceedingly beneficial: the help of a best-selling author who will be your coach and mentor. J.J. Hebert is a 9-time award-winning author of four #1 Amazon bestselling books, and gives clients one-on-one mentoring. Alongside a team of professionals, Herbert helps with publishing and marketing. 

He has been called the “The Self-Publishing Guru” by The Good Men project and has been integral to the success of hundreds of books. Time spent collaborating with him is included in the available packages.