Why Are North American Gamblers Good?

Most people don’t stop to think about the skill of gambling, but if you do, you might realize that US and Canadian citizens are pretty good at it. In fact, they often top the charts regarding the highest-grossing earnings and the most reputable players within the industry. From T. J. Cloutier to Dan Bilzerian, there are several examples of North Americans who have reached the top of their respective industries within the gambling community.

Some people are born talented, others work hard, and some have to combine the two. Still, determination and talent alone don’t explain why US and Canadian gamblers are good at what they do. For that, you have to go below the surface and examine the factors you might not normally see as significant.

Accessibility + Opportunity

North America is often viewed as a continent that’s behind its European and Asian counterparts with regards to gambling, yet this isn’t true. Accessibility isn’t an issue in 48 states in America alone, and there are suggestions this could change in the future.

When you factor in the wealth of the area and the infrastructure it has, this offers citizens opportunities that other gamblers aren’t afforded. Previously, poker was viewed as a legitimate career choice, yet poker and blackjack online services are now not only available, but they are inclusive too as they have low-risk demo modes and tables. Now, the opening up of sports betting and online casino sectors mean there are thousands of people who class betting as their job.

This is because once Americans learn the strategies of the game and how to use them without any risks, they can graduate to real-money offerings to boost their budgets.

Media Portrayal

The average person in North America gets to see how people go from the bottom rung of the ladder to the top of the tree thanks to the media. Not only are stories reported on in the news, but they are turned into TV series and movies.

Probably the best example of recent times is Molly’s Game, a film about poker entrepreneur Molly Bloom. Millions watched how she rose to fame by making a lane for herself within the industry and undoubtedly saw a lot of themselves in Ms. Bloom.

This is what happened to legendary female player, Evelyn NG, a gambler who came second in the 2003 WPT Ladies Night event and never looked back.

Travel Possibilities

While the online gambling sector has reduced the need to travel, it’s still an essential part of learning the trade. Bill Benter is a prime example of what can happen when people with the option to travel seize the chance and learn from the experience.

Benter made his name in North America. However, his opportunities were limited as casinos started to restrict his accounts and tournament entries. As a result, Benter went to Hong Kong to get to grips with the horse racing scene. Years later, the American would be famous for cracking the code millions had tried to, earning him billions of dollars.

A combination of accessibility, opportunities, and travel make North Americans top gamblers, and the trend doesn’t appear as if it will end anytime soon.