Why a Physician Like You Needs a Medical Answering Service

You, as a medical doctor, help save and extend lives. Although your job is both noble and rewarding, it can also be exhausting. Often, your current and prospective patients want to get in touch with you even after clinic hours. 

This can be a major concern as, although this is your job and your patients have questions,

you have a personal life as well.

For instance, right now when the entire planet is waging war with enemies that they cannot see, a lot of people firmly believe that they have COVID-19 already. Many also think that they have it currently, and they want answers from their doctors right away.

Since most people fear stepping foot inside hospitals, let alone going outside their homes, these days, the majority of them prefer a consultation over the phone rather than meeting their primary care providers face-to-face.

This is when the importance of having a medical answering service comes in. Other than the patients, it can also be extremely beneficial for a physician like yourself.

As the name suggests, it’s something that allows your patients to get in touch with you without having to be on the other end of the line. Despite this, it provides callers with satisfactory answers as well as the familiar peace of mind they would get by calling your office.

Gradually, many medical doctors are getting this service, which is enormously favorable in this time of a pandemic, and it is reaping many benefits as well.

Enjoy Time Outside of Practice

All medical doctors swore to hold the Hippocratic Oath sacred. However, there are times you also promise your family and friends that you will spend some quality time with them, which is quite difficult to attain if your patients are constantly phoning you.

By providing the people who entrust their lives to you with trained professionals who can answer their questions, you can manage to live a life outside the medical world. It then becomes a win-win situation for all concerned parties.

Reduce Hold Time

Despite what they are referred to, most patients do not have patience. Many of them want to get answers as soon as they ask a question. So, in other words, being put on hold is something that they do not appreciate.

Whether your office is extremely busy or you are away, an answering service specializing in the medical field helps get rid of hold time that most patients do not take kindly to. 

With this medical answering service provided, they will not feel ignored when they need you the most.

Save Time and Money

As a general rule of thumb, the more patients that visit a clinic, the higher its operating costs are. That’s because it requires more members of staff just to keep clinic hours run as smoothly as possible.

Because more patients these days prefer giving you a call rather than paying you a visit, having an answering service is the most effective as well as cost-efficient answer.

This allows your patients to have someone to talk with, which saves you from the need to shell out money for extra communications devices and additional staff members. Outsourcing, as always, is a money-saving solution.

Maintain HIPAA Compliance

According to the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), everything you say to your patients needs to be monitored and observed closely. So, in other words, what your patients hear coming from your office needs to adhere to HIPAA requirements.

If a staff member of yours fails to comply with HIPAA standards, someone will surely be held responsible for it, and it’s most likely going to be you.

Leaving the job to a medical answering service that’s HIPAA-compliant can help fend off related problems. By putting your trust in the right service provider, you can be certain that sensitive patient data are not the only ones out of harm’s way, but your practice and reliability, too.

Preparedness for Emergencies

Thanks to COVID-19, the entire planet now knows that just about anything is possible, including situations that used to be exclusive to horror and sci-fi movies.

It is for this reason exactly why your office should be geared up for health-related emergencies that can show up in the future, allowing your patients to ask pressing questions and enabling you to provide factual answers.

The right time to prepare for another possible health crisis is now.

Just Before You Go

Medical answering services are heaven-sent to the busiest medical professionals on the planet.

However, not all medical answering services these days are the same. If you want to keep all your patients happy and satisfied and your job as a life-saver to go without any hitch, it is a must that you delegate the task to the most deserving and experienced company.