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Whoopi Goldberg bans all talk of ‘fartgate’ on The View


The View host Whoopi Goldberg tries to put “fartgate” to bed once and for all, claiming she’s done talking about it.

On Wednesday morning’s episode of the daytime talk show, Goldberg — whose stage name was derived from a whoopee kiss — claimed there was “never a problem” with her or anyone else’s flatulence on the show.

“Before we start, I want to put something to bed with the two of you (Sunny Hostin and Andy Cohen),” she said. “A noise was made on the table, and that was it. We don’t need to mention it anywhere else. OK? Were good?’

Cohen was a guest on Wednesday, and apparently Goldberg wanted to clear the air on the matter.

Goldberg tried to make the issue permanent on Wednesday’s episode of the talk show when she confronted her co-hosts and Andy Cohen about “fartgate”

Goldberg reportedly let out a horn on the March 15 episode of the show, in which she passed audible gas. Her co-hosts couldn’t resist cackling to the air, as Goldberg was pointed out as the culprit.

Goldberg quickly claimed her fart, saying, “That was gas,” as the audience joined in the laughter.

Despite appearing to claim the fart, it was later doubted whether or not Goldberg made the sound.

On a late April episode of Andy Cohen’s Watch What Happens Live, the Bravo host asked The View co-host Sunny Hostin, “Who actually passes the most gas on set?”

She quickly replied, “Whoopi!”

Goldberg didn’t appreciate the discussion between Hostin and Cohen and made that clear on Wednesday’s episode.

But even before Wednesday’s taping, Hostin had gone back on her earlier statement.

On Monday’s episode of Andy Cohen’s SiriusXM show, Hostin said, “It (fart gate) just turned into a big thing, and so Whoopi said, ‘Why did you tell everyone I fart all the time?’ and I thought, “Because you’re making fun of farting all the time, and I’m sitting across from the table.”

“I just had no idea,” Hostin said. “Thanks so much (Andy), but I mean, Whoopi and I are very close, so she was fine.”

Cohen apologized to Hostin for potentially causing a rift in her friendship with Goldberg.

Over time, more than several mysterious sounds have been picked up by microphones on the show.

On the March 21 episode of the show, co-host Sara Haines moved her mug on the desk, resulting in a strange noise.

When Goldberg asked about the sound, Haines said, “It’s my glass every time I turn it.”

“We get blamed for dropping gas when in fact it’s a cup,” Goldberg said.

A blushing Andy Cohen puts his head in the palm of his hand as Goldberg confronts him and Hostin about their discussions about her flatulence

A blushing Andy Cohen puts his head in the palm of his hand as Goldberg confronts him and Hostin about their discussions about her flatulence

View's five co-hosts have often laughed at perceived noises of flatulence in recent months

View’s five co-hosts have often laughed at perceived noises of flatulence in recent months

Goldberg’s deflection may or may not be the truth. A source previously told RadarOnline that the 67-year-old’s flatulence has been a problem for the show for “a while”.

“It’s been a problem for a while. The ladies will be talking about a serious topic on the air when, poof, they hear a sudden noise and are overcome by a foul smell. It always seems to come from Whoopi’s side of the table, though she refuses to admit she shared it!’ said the source.

Earlier reporting from DailyMail.com revealed that if it is in fact Goldberg responsible for the show’s less desirable sound effects, it may be due to a poor diet.

Dr. Ahmed Albusoda, a gastroenterologist at Princess Grace Hospital in London, told DailyMail.com: ‘In general, people with sciatica are less active, which is a risk factor for constipation because there is more fermentation in the stool.

“They also take pain medications, and many of them can cause constipation because they cause more fermentation and gas in the stool.”

The iconic Hollywood star was also diagnosed with sciatica in 2021, which led to her stepping out of the show for a week last summer.

He added that a shift in diet to more healthy foods and more leafy greens can also trigger the bout of flatulence, as it displaces bacteria in the gut.

When asked what could be the cause of Goldberg’s on-air “hot air,” Dr. Jessica Cording, a nutritionist in New York City, also suggested it could be related to diet.

“If someone is experiencing excessive amounts of gas, something that could contribute to that is certain foods,” she said.

“Cruciferous vegetables, legumes, lentils, and things like that … are known to produce more gas.”

In recent moments, Whoopi has been accused of flatulence

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