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Who should you start with in Octopath 2? well it’s complicated

octopathic traveler 2 introduces eight new characters, but the jobs they perform are the same as in the previous game, with a few tweaks. If you’re not sure who to start with or what each character does and their main job, we’ve broken it down for you.

The new additions to octopathic traveler 2 are latent powersspecial abilities that characters can use in battle once a gauge is filled, similar to Final Fantasy’s famous limit break feature. octopathic traveler 2 it also adds a day and night system, giving characters two path actions instead of just one.

route actions they are non-combat abilities that characters can use on NPCs. There is a lot of overlap between path actions, as they mostly result in knocking someone out, getting information, or getting an item from an NPC. However, the method of the characters is different.

You can also add side jobs later, but these are the ones you’ll start with and stick with. Side jobs will give you stats and abilities, but you won’t be able to do everything that a character with that main job will be able to do. For example, Ochette is a hunter who can capture and use animals to fight for her, but a character with a secondary hunter job cannot have that ability.

you may be wondering Which character is the best to start with?, and for that, the answer is: Well, it depends a bit. How you want to play is completely up to you, and you can unlock all the characters soon after starting. The only reason your first choice matters is that you can’t remove them from your party until you finish their final chapter. You’ll want to keep everything in mind when selecting your first character: their passive abilities, latent ability, weapons and items, path actions, and how they play in general. Below we talk about the eight characters and explain how useful (or not so useful) they are early in the game.

Image: Square Enix

Ochette (Hunter)

Ochette captures monsters and can then summon them for his own use in battle or turn them into items, such as Jerky that restores HP. His latent power gives him access to special abilities that deal massive damage, hit multiple targets, or enhance himself. She uses an axe, a bow, and electrical magic.

During the day, Ochette can To provoke people to battle, while at night, she can Befriend NPCs use items they like to get them to follow her around. These NPCs can be used in battle.

Should you start with Ochette?

While his animal companions can give him a wide range of attacks, he is quite reliant on having strong monsters on his side. The latent power of him is nothing particularly exciting, although the ability to weaken and break shields is strong. However, he can provide a large amount of healing items by sacrificing his captured animals.

She starts between the two continents, giving her early and quick access to the other characters quickly.

Castti (Apothecary)

Castti concocts items to deal elemental damage or apply status effects to enemies. He can also mix items to heal his party mates. The latent power of him allows him to invent without using any items. She uses an ax as a melee weapon and ice magic.

castti can Ask people during the day to obtain information and To calm people at night to put them to sleep.

Should you start with Castti?

Castti’s basic abilities involve having a lot of ingredients to deal massive damage. Without them, she’s not great. However, Apothecaries have a cheap heal that doubles as a revive, which can be extremely useful early game.

Castti is unlocked on the western continent, near Hikari and south of Agnea and Partitio.

Throne (Thief)

Throné is a cunning thief with sticky hands, as she can steal from enemies. Her latent power allows her to have two actions in one turn. Throné uses a dagger, a sword, and dark magic.

At night, cheer up the party at the start of the battle.

During the day, Throné can Steal of the NPCs; at night, she can Ambush them, knocking them out without the need for a battle.

Should you start with Throné?

Full disclosure: I started octopathic traveler 2 with Throne. His Steal ability is extremely useful early on, as being able to steal items and equipment from townspeople helps you save (and earn) money. She has reliable damage and as a thief she has plenty of useful debuffs. Most importantly, the nightly benefit of it should not be overlooked. She gives you (essentially) three turns of sickening levels of damage at the start of each battle, making each boss a breeze. Coupled with the Temenos debuff at the start of the battle, you can take out enemies with no problem.

Throné is on the eastern continent, near Temenos and Osvald.

Osvaldo (scholar)

Osvald is a master at casting area of ​​effect spells. His high mana costs are there for a reason: when he casts a fire spell, he will hit all the monsters in the fight. The latent power of him allows him to channel that energy into a target, hitting that target very hard. He uses a staff as weapons and uses fire, ice, and electric magic.

osvaldo can Scrutinize people for information during the day and Cup them for items at night. In battle, it can reveal some enemy weaknesses immediately once the fight starts.

Should you start with Osvald?

Osvald does a lot of damage, but is limited by his mana pool early in the game. He doesn’t have much, and his abilities are expensive to use. That being said, he is pretty good at taking out a lot of enemies at once. His ability to reveal weaknesses early in the battle is also great, so you don’t have to spend a few turns guessing.

Osvald begins in the northern part of the eastern continent, near Throné and Temenos.

Partition (Trader)

Partitio is a merchant from the west. In battle, he can use money to hire people to fight for him. The latent power of him allows him to instantly restore BP. He uses a polearm and bow as weapons and uses fire magic.

During the day, Partitio can Buys items from the NPCs, and at night, you can Hire NPCs to follow him. Like Ochette and Tenemos, these NPCs can be summoned into battle. Your hired NPCs can also help you get discounts and other benefits from shops.

Should you start with Partitio?

Partitio is more of a support, but can help you earn a lot of money early on by using the Trader’s Collect ability on debuffed monsters, along with their support abilities to increase money. He can also help supply your team with BP, as he can donate his to party members, allowing them to keep launching attacks.

Partitio begins on the western continent in the northern area, near Agnea.

Agnea and Hikari in Octopath Traveler 2. Agnea is dancing while Hikari is holding a lantern behind her.

Image: Square Enix

Agnea (Dancer)

Agnea specializes in upgrading party members, including NPCs she can summon to her aid. Its latent power extends the benefits of a single target to the entire party. Agnea uses a dagger and wind magic.

Agnea can use it Seduce ability to make the townsfolk follow (and fight for) her during the day and Beg to NPCs for items at night.

Should you start with Agnea?

Agnea, like Partitio, is more of a support character, but is still quite useful. His Beg ability allows him to politely ask NPCs for their items, which is extremely helpful at first. It lacks damage, but it can buff your team’s attack and improve their turns in battle, allowing you to land some extra powerful hits.

Agnea begins in the northern part of the western continent, near Partitio.

Temenos (Cleric)

Temenos casts holy magic and casts healing spells for the entire party. Its latent power allows you to deplete the enemy’s shield points even if they are not weak to their attack type. He uses a staff and holy magic.

When you use Temenos at night, enemies will start with debuffs at the start of the battle.

fear us can Guide NPCs around during the day and Obligate people at night to get information from them. In order to successfully coerce them, you will need to fight them and break their shield in a battle.

NPCs led by Tenemos can be summoned into battle to help you fight as well.

Should you start with Temenos?

Temenos’s whole party heal is helpful and his holy magic does a lot of damage. His latent ability guarantees that he can break shields, making him a boss buster. His night ability that weakens enemies also makes killing bosses a piece of cake. Pair with Throné (who’s close!) to really destroy enemies on early turns at night.

Temenos is on the eastern continent below Osvald and above Throné.

Hikari (warrior)

Hikari is a warrior prince who fights for his kingdom. The latent power of him allows him to unleash extremely powerful attacks. He uses a sword and a polearm. Natively, Hikari doesn’t do magic.

During the day, Hikari can Challenge NPC to knock them out and learn new combat skills from them. at night can Bribery people for information.

Should you start with Hikari?

Hikari is a traditional JRPG warrior through and through. She deals massive damage and can protect your allies by taunting the enemy. Her ability to learn new abilities from NPCs is valuable, but overall, she’s a reliable tanky kid who can dish out what she takes. Her lack of magic makes it difficult to start with, as you’ll only be using two forms (sword and polearm) to break shields early.

Hikari begins in the southern part of the western continent, near Castti and below Agnea and Partitio.

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