Who knew you could get a complete Wi-Fi mesh network system for just $70?

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Normally, a three-node mesh network system would cost hundreds of dollars.  This new one from Vilo is just $70. (Photo: Vilo)

Normally, a three-node mesh network system would cost hundreds of dollars. This new one from Vilo is just $70. (Photo: Vilo)

How is the WiFi in your house? If you take your laptop into certain rooms, does the internet performance drop? Does the video stutter or look grainy when you watch Netflix? Problems like this can be the result of poor Wi-Fi signal strength – kind of like when your phone is too far from a cell tower and only gets one or two bars.

Installing a mesh Wi-Fi network can help; it increases signal strength outside the immediate vicinity of your router. However, these kits can be extremely expensive: you’ll pay anywhere from $200 to as much as $700 for products from Asus, Eero, Google, and Nest.

Good news: A newcomer to the mesh market has a kit that costs significantly less. Even better news: it works quite well. It’s not the fastest or the fanciest, but it’s certainly the cheapest – and it might be just what you need to give your home Wi-Fi network a shot.

It is the Vilo Mesh Wi-Fi System, And It’s Only $70 At Amazon.

$70 at Amazon

I’m not going to get too deep into the technical side of things because I suspect most people don’t care about “dual band”, “Wi-Fi 6” and the like. You just want faster, more reliable WiFi throughout the house, right? And easy installation and operation?

Done. The Vilo system is virtually plug-and-play, completely relying on a phone app to guide you every step of the way. Basically, you are going to connect one node to your modem and then connect the other two elsewhere in your house. In a two-story building, for example, you could put one upstairs and another in the basement.

My hands-on experience with Vilo actually comes from my cousin, who encountered large dead Wi-Fi zones in his house. His verdict after two weeks with the mesh system: “Life-changing. Five stars. [The] dashboard is pretty cool. Setup was super easy. It automatically reboots at 4 a.m. once a week, which I thought was neat. (Rebooting a router periodically is a smart way to clean up the gunk and keep it running at its best.)

Needless to say, your mileage may vary. There are many variables that can affect the Wi-Fi strength in a house or apartment.

But if you want to see if a mesh network can make a difference, $70 is a pretty tasty price to pay.

What do you think? Share your wifi issues in the comments below!

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