<pre><pre>Who IS the favorite to become the next prime minister? We analyze the race for number 10

1. Boris Johnson 5/4


Family tree: 54. Former Foreign Minister and blond figurehead of Britain's second most famous family.

storage: Born in New York. Schools: Camden and Eton. University: Oxford. First job: Brussels (but fired from his placement there at The Times).

Form: Elected twice, contrary to expectations, as mayor of Labor-heavy London.

Strength: Charismatic and the darling of the Tory base such as Tarzan Heseltine was years ago. But look what happened to Hezza!

Weakness: Not popular with fellow MPs. A & # 39; Stop Boris & # 39; campaign is ongoing.

Opportunities: Stunning favorite.


2. Dominic Raab 6/1

Family tree: 45. Former Brexit secretary. Diehard Brussels baiter.

storage: Son of a Jewish refugee born in the Czech Republic who had fled to Great Britain in 1938. Oxford and Cambridge trained notary before he became MP.

Form: Failed to use his famous judo skills to surpass panjadrums in the EU and lasted only five months as Brexit secretary.


Strength: Fans call him & # 39; the male Margaret Thatcher & # 39 ;.

Weakness: It often seems cold and people lack skills. A recent photo call in his kitchen with a vase of lilies was a scary PR stunt.

Opportunities: Second in the ConservativeHome ranking, with 15 percent of the votes.

3. Michael Gove 10/1


Family tree: 51. Environment Secretary. Intellectual titanium and Brexiteer paterfamilias.

storage: Adopted son of a Scottish fishmonger. Became a high-profile journalist on The Times.

Form: Great beast in the 2016 Leave campaign. Is so loyal to Mrs. May that he would have become a perfect watch dog at number 10.

Strength: Often got out of hand for interviews, a debater with razor-sharp skills.

Weakness: Still haunted by claims of infidelity after the Boris Johnson kneeling in the last leadership game.


Opportunities: Third in the ConservativeHome ranking with 8.4 percent of the votes.

4. Andrea Leadsom 12/1

Family tree: 56. Former Environmental Management Secretary. Retired this week as leader of the Commons. Ardent Brexiteer.


storage: Former city trader. Mother of three.

Form: Struggled in her first cabinet post as an environment minister, but flourished as leader of the Commons. Her spats with Speaker John Bercow earned £ 100 ringside seats.

Strength: Praised for resigning on Wednesday, initiating Ms. May & # 39; s defenestration.

Weakness: Her maladroit campaign to be the leader in 2016 contained a deeply insensitive comment that Mrs. May was childless.

Opportunities: Conservative-Home table had its top for competence

5. Jeremy Hunt 14/1

Family tree: 52. Minister of Foreign Affairs. A survivor who converted to the Brexit. First cabinet member to tell May this week to delete the Brexit account.

storage: Elder son of Admiral Sir Nicholas Hunt. Married to a Chinese woman whom he accidentally called Japanese. Worth about £ 15 million after selling a publisher he founded for politics.


Form: Longest serving health secretary in history.

Strength: Has few enemies. Colleagues believe that he can unite a party at Brexit.

Weakness: Some consider him a & # 39; bit of a drop & # 39 ;.

Opportunities: 4th place in the ConservativeHome ranking.


6. Penny Mourdant 20/1

Family tree: 46. ​​First defense minister. Supported Leave for referendum.

storage: Cared for younger brother after their mother died. Worked as a magician's assistant to pay for the university.

Form: Only female member of parliament as Royal Naval Reservist.


Strength: Has a strong sense of duty and is popular among veterans who do service.

Weakness: Inexperienced, recently less than two years in the cabinet. Still trying to experience her belly flop on the ITV reality TV dive show Splash!

Opportunities: 16th in the ConservativeHome ranking.

7. Sajid Javid 25/1

Family tree: 49. Minister of the Interior. Still that has changed its places after a referendum in Brexit.

storage: He often reminds voters that he is the son of a bus driver who came to Pakistan from Pakistan and worked every hour that God sent & # 39 ;. The first person with an Asian background who has one of the largest offices in the state.

Form: Increased cap on immigration for NHS doctors and nurses, but says that there is & # 39; nothing racist about managed migration & # 39 ;.

Strength: An extraordinary personal story. Would be the first (non-practicing) Muslim prime minister of Great Britain.

Weakness: Wooden speaker. Lack of charisma.

Opportunities: 5th in the ranking.

AND Rory Stewart 25/1

Family tree: 46. ​​Secretary for International Development and former Minister of Prisons. Strong defender of the May deal.

storage: While teaching in Oxford to princes William and Harry. Was a regional governor in Iraq after the coalition invasion. Cruel nickname & # 39; Florence of Arabia & # 39 ;.

Form: Proclaimed his leadership ambitions before even in the Cabinet.

Strength: Unaffected by the failure of fellow ministers about Brexit.

Weakness: Most inexperienced candidate. Not popular with hard Brexiteers.

Opportunities: Fringed to sixth place in the Conservative-Home rankings.

8. Liz Truss 50/1

Family tree: 43. Chief Secretary of Treasury. Remainder who would now vote the Brexit.

storage: Raised by left-wing parents who took her on anti-Thatcher protests.

Form: Undiminished supporter of reducing red tape. Once said: & # 39; the British are among the worst loafers in the world & # 39 ;.

Strength: Free-marketer whose social media activity is popular with young Tories.

Weakness: Bad public speaker. Image obsessed and accused by some of using Downing Street as a catwalk. Presented for a recent fashion shoot for a glossy on Sunday.

Opportunities: Got up to 7th in the rankings.

AND Matt Hancock 50/1

Family tree: 40. Health secretary with six years of ministerial experience. Former arch bridge that supported May & # 39; s bill.

storage: Father lived in a town hall. Worked in the family's computer software sector before becoming a key figure to Chancellor George Osborne.

Form: Minister of the cabinet for 18 months. Launched his own & # 39; Matt Hancock & # 39; smartphone application.

Strength: Enthusiastic and smart. His childhood is said to appeal to those who – in the cliché – want to skip a generation & # 39 ;.

Weakness: He certainly compared himself to Churchill.

Opportunities: Is in 12th place in the ranking.

9. Esther McVey 66/1

Family tree: 51. Former welfare secretary. An avid Brexiteer.

storage: As a child, they spent her first two years in foster homes. Was a breakfast TV presenter before he became MP.

Form: Like a minister was exposed by Labor to dire & lynch Esther McVey & # 39; misuse of the roll-out of the Universal Credit system. With colleague MP and fiancé Philip Davies, part of a Westminster power couple.

Strength: Knew applause for his resignation at Cabinet above Brexit. Difficult, telegenic and Liverpudlian.

Weakness: Some colleagues say that she is just as volatile as her hair – and too shiny.

Opportunities: Ranked 14th in the rankings.

10. Steve Baker 100/1

Family tree: 47. Not deliberately undervalued, described as a & # 39; Brexit hardman & # 39 ;. Cornishman now decimated to Home Counties.

storage: Oxford-trained RAF Flight Lieutenant who became a software engineer.

Form: Henchman from the Mayem nemesis of the European research group. His style has been compared to a man who likes to torture insects.

Strength: Obsession for a No Deal Brexit is unbeatable. Popular with grassroots.

Weakness: Diligent approach has made fun of it.

Opportunities: Not even in the newest 26-person leadership list from ConservativeHome.

AND Sir Graham Brady 100/1

Family tree: 52. Brexit supported before referendum.

storage: Grammar-trained. Worked in public affairs before being elected in 1997.

Form: Dismissed as chairman of the back seat 1922 This week committee to act as leader.

Strength: Authoritative figure who respected the ranking of backbenchers.

Weakness: Lack of support for the base. Faint in the extreme, typified by his own description on his website: & # 39; Graham loves gardening, but likes to spend as much free time as possible on his children. & # 39;

Opportunities: Is in 19th place in the ranking.

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