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Who Is Richard Donoghue? – The New York Times

Richard P. Donoghue, who served as acting deputy attorney general in the Trump administration, was a pivotal witness to President Donald J. Trump’s efforts to use the Justice Department to undo the 2020 election results, and a of the many officials who put the brakes on the planning.

Mr. Donoghue repeatedly rejected Mr. Trump’s claims of voter fraud in Georgia, Michigan, Nevada and Arizona, and declined to go along when Mr. for me,” said the notes Mr. Donoghue made of a Dec. 27, 2020 telephone conversation with Mr. Trump and Jeffrey A. Rosen, the acting attorney general.

On Thursday, Mr. Donoghue appeared in person before the House committee investigating the January 6, 2021 Capitol attack during a hearing at which aides said the panel would reveal new evidence of Mr. Trump’s bid to challenge the country’s law enforcement. use device to undo his defeat and stay in power.

Much is already known about the efforts of Mr. Trump and the resistance of Mr. Donoghue and his colleagues, including that the President has asked the Justice Department to send letters to state election officials warning them of widespread fraud in the elections and to initiate lawsuits to aid his campaign.

During a hearing on Tuesday, the House committee played the audio of an interview with Mr. Donoghue in which he told Mr. Trump that there was no suitcase of fraudulent ballots in Georgia, a popular conspiracy theory based on a video. which was selectively mounted and shared by Mr Trump’s allies.

Mr Trump “remained fixated on this briefcase that supposedly contained fraudulent ballots,” Mr Donoghue said in the interview. “I said, ‘No, sir, there’s no suitcase.'”

Mr. Trump also planned to impeach Mr. Rosen in his final weeks in office when it was clear that he did not have his support for sending Georgia state lawmakers a letter falsely stating that the impeachment department was seriously investigating voter fraud.

mr. Donoghue called the senior leaders of the department over the phone and made a plan that the group would resign en masse if Mr. Rosen would be fired.

Mr Trump eventually allowed Mr Rosen to stay.

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