Who is pretending and who is telling the truth?


True love or true lies? It burst onto our screens last week and is like the ITV2 hit.

The MTV series sees sexy couples competing for a cash prize while living together in a luxury villa.

And the stars trust that it will be even more popular than Love Island.

Nikita Heslop and Billy Wardle, recovered the right, they arrived at the episode on Friday night, they recognize that their show has the advantage.


CLOSER: Nikita and Billy say the program has brought them together

"This show is really exciting because it's something completely different"

Nikita Heslop

Born in Sunderland, Nikita said: "This show is really exciting because it's something completely different.

"Everyone on Love Island is quite stereotypical: the boys are very muscular and all the girls have fake tits.

"But our program has girls of all shapes and sizes, it does not have to be a size six to participate in. Everyone is different, which I think makes it a bit more exciting, it will make people want to watch.

"It also includes contestants who are transgender or gay, you do not see it much on TV, it makes our show feel fresh."


ALL THE GAME: Contestants of true love or true lies

Newcastle lad Billy added: "This show has a completely different concept, so I think it's going to be very good, there are so many programs that have the same format every year, but this is refreshing."

True love or true lies? It also has a superior presentation team: Maya Jama and Danny Dyer. And the MTV bosses are so sure that it will be a success that they broadcast it every night.

Contestants signed up thinking they would play love challenges. But after arriving at the villa they were told that some of the couples are fake, pretending to be in a relationship.

So, the real game is to detect the liars and vote them. The spin was a surprise for unsuspecting contestants.

Billy, 24, said: "We thought we were going to a show about love, so when they told us about the turn, it was a shock to the system, it got into our heads."

Nikita, also 24, added: "It surprised me when we found out, but it made it exciting."

The show was filmed in the Tuscany region of Italy. But there were problems in paradise because the contestants had no idea what to believe.

Billy said: "You are constantly questioning what everyone says, you become very close to people but you still can not trust what they say.

"It was strange, you never know if what people say is real, it was a good turn but it gets in your head."

Nikita added: "You do not know who is real and who is fake, you do not know who is lying, they all act or try to look like they are not acting, I was asking people questions to try to find them out, but then I did not know if they were being honest. they played it pretty well. "

Each night, the contestants must say who they think they are faking and a couple is sent home. When they successfully see a fake, the jackpot prize increases by £ 10,000.

Nikita said: "The voting was intense, you make friends with everyone, but then you have to vote a couple, it's a difficult environment, there were people in the village who got angry and had discussions about that."

Despite the drama, Nikita and Billy now feel more united than ever.

She said: "We had known each other for years before entering into a relationship, we had already slept together and we were good friends, so obviously we felt comfortable with each other. The program has strengthened us as a couple. It has brought us much closer. We were together every day and we had no contact with our family or friends. "

But, of course, no one in True Love or True Lies can trust, even Nikita and Billy could be pretending.

She said: "We know a lot about the other, but that could be because we have done a lot of research, we could be a genuine couple or maybe not.