Who are the shortest NBA players of all time?


The game of basketball is often associated with those who measure up well. It’s true too, most of the stars do stand extremely tall in comparison to the average man. Not all of them though. 

Here we look at the shortest NBA players of all time.

Number 5. Greg Grant, 5’7

The first name on our list of the shortest NBA players of all time is Greg Grant. Grant was a round two pick back in 1989 when the Phoenix Suns took him at number 52. Grant would go on to spend nine years in the NBA albeit spread across six different franchises as he struggled to make a big impact with any of them. 

He made a total of 274 appearances in the league with 2.8 points and 3.7 assists per game. The point guard did manage to lead the CBA minor league in assists in 1995 but couldn’t quite cut it at the top level.

Number 4. Mel Hirsch, 5’6

Hirsch was one of the standout performers at college level basketball but when it came to the big time he just struggled to measure up. For a long time he held number one spot on this list given he played in the mid-40’s; it turned out to simply be a token run with the Boston Celtics though. 

Hirsch managed just 13 appearances with a 20% field goal conversion seeing him to a game average of a paltry 1.5 points. 

Number 3. Spud Webb, 5’6

Spud Webb is an interesting one when it comes to the shortest NBA players of all time. At 5’6 there is no denying that his height was a disadvantage but he still entered the slam dunk competition to become its smallest participant; he actually won it as well!! 

His skill on the court was unquestionable but many thought he’d end up with the show boaters of the Harlem Globetrotters. Fast forward 14 seasons and he’d proven them wrong in the shape of 814 games, a 9.9 points, 5.3 assists and 2.3 rebounds average.

Number 2. Earl Boykins, 5’5

Boykins could boast a mightily impressive honour heading into the 1998 draft; he’d been named the USA Basketball Male Athlete of the Year for 1997, which is an award that had been won by the likes of Michael Jordan, Scottie Pippen and Shaq O’Neal prior to him. It didn’t help him out though as he went undrafted. Things worked out in the end though – sort of. 

Boykins spent several years in the NBA racking up 652 regular appearances and reaching the playoffs in three seasons with the Denver Nuggets. He had plenty of time on the court too with 20 minutes of action per match. 8.9 points per game isn’t too shabby contribution either. 

Number 1. Muggsy Bogues, 5’3

Standing clear in first place is Muggsy Bogues. Not only does he top the list of the shortest NBA players of all time but he also had the best career of the five we’ve listed. Bogues was a round one pick as he joined the Washington Bullets as the 12th overall pick. 

He’d go on to spend 14 successful seasons in the league with his best period coming during a decade long spell with the Charlotte Hornets. 

Now, at 5’3 you might not be surprised to learn he was far from one of the best defensive players the NBA has ever seen but his ability to manipulate the ball and create for his team was up there with the very best of them – tall, short and in between; the 6,726 career assists he registered is the 23rd best output of all NBA players ever. 

It means he finished on an average of 7.6 per match with his points tally of 7.7 coming in at a similar level. He was inducted to the North Carolina’s Hall of Fame last year and, who knows, the big one might come calling one day. He’s an icon of the NBA after all.

There you have it the shortest NBA players of all time; proof that size isn’t everything. If you want to find a more extensive and detailed list click here: https://edge.twinspires.com/nba/the-shortest-players-in-nba-history/