White House omits Hunter’s daughter with a stripper from stocking display

While the stockings are carefully hung by the chimney at the White House with care, the Bidens appear to have forgotten a grandchild. 

Jill Biden, First Lady, unveiled White House Christmas decorations Monday. The festive display featured stockings above the fireplace for each of eight Biden grandchildren. Peter Neal, Naomi Biden’s husband and first dog Commander, as well as Willow, got a stocking. 

However, Navy Joan Roberts (the four-year old daughter of Hunter Biden) was not included in the display. 

The theme of the decorations this year was “We the People”, with decorations including 77 Christmas trees, and more than 83,000 light bulbs. 

Hunter Biden, Hunter’s family, never met Navy. However, she was born to Lunden Alexis Roberts in August 2018. She was a stripper at the club Hunter used to frequent. 

First pets Commander and Willow bookend a fireplace in East Room with stockings depicting the Biden grandchildren.

The Stockings On The Mantle In The State Dining Room Feature The Names Of The Biden Grandchildren

The names of the Biden grandchildren are displayed on the stockings in the State Dining Room’s State Dining Room.

Little Navy Joan Roberts, The Daughter Hunter Biden Bore Out Of Wedlock Four Years Ago, Was Left Out Of The White House Stocking Display

Little Navy Joan Roberts was the four-year-old daughter of Hunter Biden. She was not included in the White House stocking display.

Arkansas is caring for the little girl.  Navy, who has a striking resemblance with Hunter’s young son, doesn’t have the same Secret Service protection as the rest of her fellow Bidens. 

She Hunter’s fourth child, Hunter’s fifth of five, was conceived while Hunter was still in a relationship to Hallie Biden, Beau Biden’s widow. They were together after Beau Biden died from brain cancer in 2015. 

HeHe is currently married to Melissa Cohen, a South African native. They were married a week after meeting. Beau, his two-year-old son, was named after him. 

A Close Friend Of Hunter Biden'S Baby Mama Lunden Roberts Tells That Joe Biden Refuses To Provide Protection For Hunter'S Lovechild Navy Joan. Last Month Roberts, 31, Called The Cops Claiming Her Cage Fighter Ex-Fiancé Bombarded Her With Threats has been informed by Lunden Roberts, a close friend of Hunter Biden’s baby mama. She claims that Joe Biden won’t provide protection for Hunter’s lovechild Navy Joan. Last month Roberts, 31, called the cops claiming her cage fighter ex-fiancé bombarded her with threats

Hunter, As A Toddler,  Looked Remarkably Like His Daughter Navy

Hunter Looked Remarkably Like Three-Year-Old Navy

It’s clear that Navy is Hunter’s child. Lunden’s precious daughter looks so much like Hunter (left)

Hunter, 52, initially denied that he was Navy’s father, saying that he didn’t remember ever meeting Navy’s mother. 

But Roberts had been performing as ‘Dallas’ at Mpire Club in Washington DC.

Beautiful Things, Hunter’s memoir, reveals that this period in his life was full of hard drugs and ‘rampages of random sex’ with women who were “hardly the dating type.” 

“That’s how few connections I had with anyone.” He wrote that he was a mess but had taken responsibility. 

After After a DNA test revealed Hunter was the father, Roberts and Hunter agreed to a $2.5 million settlement in 2020. Hunter now pays the girl’s monthly child support and healthcare. 

Roberts was, according to reports, on Hunter’s payroll for some time before she gave birth. Roberts appeared before a federal grand jury in February, where she was accused of tax fraud and violating foreign lobbying laws. 

Hunter applied to the court in September for a recalculation of his child support payments. He claimed he couldn’t afford them. He He filed a motion to cite ‘a substantial material modification’ in his financial situation, including but not restricted to his income.

Hunter also attempted to avoid the 2019 paternity suit by not supporting his love child. He told a court that he was in’significant debt’ after his divorce from Kathleen. 

He stated that he attests to my unemployment and has had no income monthly since May 2019. 

He was renting a Los Angeles property for $12,000 per month and driving a Porsche Panamera. A analysis that Hunter first reported on NBC found Hunter’s company had earned $11 million between 2013 and 2018.

Hunter confessed in his book that he used cash to buy drugs and he dated strangers who robbed him.  

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