White House and UK in dash to finalize meeting between Biden and William and Kate in Boston, Friday has exclusive information that the Prince and Princess of Wales will meet President Joe Biden in Boston Friday. This is as White House officials and British officials are finalizing details.

The other side will not comment publicly. 

Sources familiar with the arrangements say that the British heir to the throne, and Biden, are trying to use a scheduling trick that places them both in Boston on the exact same day.

Prince William will present the Earthshot Prize Awards on Friday night. This award program was established by Prince William to support entrepreneurs who work on environmental issues.

Tuesday’s White House announcement stated that Biden will be in the city to support a political fundraiser. 

The two sides have struggled to agree on timings and protocols for their respective busy schedules.

On Wednesday, the Prince and Princess of Wales arrived in Boston for a three day trip. As officials finalize arrangements, they are expected to meet President Joe Biden Friday.

The White House Confirmed On Tuesday That Biden Will Travel To Boston. 'The President Will Participate In A Reception For The Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee,' It Said

On Tuesday, the White House confirmed that Biden would travel to Boston. It stated that the president would attend a reception at the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee.

Kensington Palace and neither the White House responded to requests for comment about preparations for a conference. 

This is the royal couple’s first overseas travel since the death of Queen Elizabeth II —when William was elevated to first in line to the throne – and their first trip to the U.S. in eight years. William had previously met Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, President Barack Obama, and Vice-President Joe Biden.

They also attended a Brooklyn Nets basketball tournament, where they met Jay Z and Beyonce.

They are putting climate change front and center.  

According to Karen Pierce, the British ambassador in the United States, “This is his Super Bowl moment,” and he uses it to highlight some of the most important projects around the globe that are helping to save the planet. 

On Wednesday, the royal couple will arrive in Boston.

According to the Royal Household they will use their time to study how climate change will affect the region.

William is due to meet Caroline Kennedy and tour the John F. Kennedy Presidential Library and Museum at Dorchester on Friday.

The Then Duke Of Cambridge Met President Barack Obama In The Oval Office Of The White House In December 2014 On His Last Visit To The United States

In December 2014, President Barack Obama met the then Duke of Cambridge in the Oval Office of the White House. This was his last trip to the United States.

They Renewed Their Acquaintance In London In April In 2016, When Obama Joined Then Prime Minister To Pt The Case For The U.k. To Stay Within The European Union

They were reunited in London in April 2016 when Obama joined the then Prime Minister to argue for the U.K. staying within the European Union.

‘President John F. Kennedy’s Moonshot — which challenged America to put man on the moon — is the key inspiration behind The Earthshot Prize and so His Royal Highness will take the opportunity to hear more about President Kennedy’s inspirational legacy and his connections to Boston,’ the statement from Kensington Palace said. 

The prince will take a tour through the museum and library, where he will see exhibits from the Kennedy administration’s pivotal years in the 1960s. This is before 1969’s moon landing. 

And in the evening Princess Kate will accompany actors Rami Malek, Catherine O’Hara and Shailene Woodley in announcing the five winners of the Earthshot prize, worth $1 million each.

The White House confirmed Tuesday that Biden would visit Boston to raise money for the cause.

According to it, the president would be attending a reception at the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee.

Billie Eilish Is Expected To Perform At The Prince Of Wales' Earthshot Prize Awards In Boston

Cate Blanchett Will Also Feature In The Earthshot Event

Billie Eilish (left), is expected to perform at Prince of Wales’ Earthshot Prize in Boston. Cate Blanchett will also participate in the Earthshot event.

The Prince And The Princess Of Wales Fly To Boston On Wednesday

The Prince And The Princess Of Wales Fly To Boston On Wednesday - But Are Not Expected To See Harry And Meghan, Who Are In New York Next Week

The Prince of Wales and Princess of Wales fly to Boston Wednesday. However, they won’t be able to see Harry or Meghan next week.

A letter of invitation received from the Boston Globe Biden will be appearing alongside Senators Elizabeth Warren, Ed Markey, to raise funds for the Georgia Senate runoff election. It takes place Tuesday Dec. 6. 

White House Press Secretary Stonewalled Questions about Monday’s Possible Meeting

“So that’s what I heard,” she replied, before adding that she didn’t have any more information about Biden’s future travel plans. 

According to experts, it is important that the couple has chosen the U.S. as their first overseas trip since the Queen’s passing.

It could be a chance to rebuild the image of a monarchy buffeted by Harry and Meghan’s transatlantic barbs and inaccuracies in ‘The Crown’.

The couple is said to have no plans of meeting Harry and his American wife. 

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