Whistleblower claim that Donald Trump has abused his power for political gain has been published

BREAKEND NEWS: Whistleblower complaint that Donald Trump has abused his power was published in the call to the President of Ukraine – and also claims that the White House was trying to hide the call


The House Intelligence Committee published on Thursday the complaint about the whistleblower whistle in the middle of the growing scandal with which Donald Trump was confronted with his dealings with Ukraine.

The seven-page & # 39; s document was released & night after the lawmakers had viewed it.

Level some new costs at Donald Trump and the White House including that:

  • White House lawyers tried to cover up the call by limiting the distribution of the official transcript and placing it in a secret computer system that is normally used without justification for & # 39; secret action & # 39 ;;
  • The other & # 39; politically sensitive – instead of national security sensitive & # 39; calls between Trump and foreign leaders have been treated in the same way
  • That more notes have disappeared from the call;
  • That & # 39; multiple US officials & # 39; voiced their concerns about Rudy Giuliani's involved in Ukraine.

The letter does not reveal the whistleblower's identity, but makes it clear that they are a senior figure – they reveal that they are a & # 39; readout & # 39; received the call.


But the core of the charge against Trump is less likely to be about Ukraine, but about broad coverage.

The whistleblower says after the phone call that they have learned from & # 39; several US officials that senior White House officials have intervened to & # 39; lock & # 39 ;, especially the official transcript.

For the whistleblower, these White House officials underlined the seriousness of what had happened in the call & # 39 ;.

White House officials said they were & # 39; sent by lawyers & # 39; to remove the transcript from the typical White House computer system for storage.

It was loaded on a & # 39; separate electronic system & # 39; – one that the whistler blades normally associate with & # 39; secret activity & # 39 ;.





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