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Which Services do Seniors Need?

In modern times, we have seen a significant increase in the proportion of elderly people making up society across the world. It is estimated, that in the United Kingdom alone, there are approximately 12 million people aged 65 and above, of which, 5.4 million, are over 75 years old. 

Many older people seek to keep their independence for as long as is possible. The desire to stay in their own homes, tends to be strong for the majority, but with that desire, comes the need for a range of specialist services that allow them to achieve this. The following article describes some of the key services that can be of benefit to the elderly.

Home nursing services

Senior citizens often have a range of health needs, and these can involve having to take a variety of medications on a daily basis, and undergoing other treatments, for a range of illnesses and chronic complaints. While some elderly people may only need a low level of assistance, which can be in the form of a daily visit from a care assistant or healthcare professional, some may need 24 hour nursing care at home. Senior citizens with complex and severe healthcare needs, may find that this option is suitable for their needs, and this choice, negates the need to be in a dedicated nursing or care home. The familiarity of the home environment can be a crucial factor in the wellbeing of elderly citizens, and as such, nursing care delivered where they live, can be exceptionally beneficial.

Transportation needs

As we get older and head towards the latter years of our lives, it becomes more likely that our driving will be reduced and eventually, cease altogether. Many people’s eyesight and reactions, become significantly poorer as they enter old age, so it’s no longer safe or practical for them to drive themselves. Transportation needs therefore, become increasingly important for senior citizens who seek to retain their independence. 

Getting out and about on a regular basis, allows them to buy their own shopping and attend appointments, as well as keeping socially interactive, visiting friends and relatives. It is crucial therefore, that the elderly have access to social services and care providers who can offer dedicated transport facilities for the elderly. In addition, some local councils offer free bus transport for elderly people, which allows them to get around more easily.

Access to good nutrition    

The importance of a healthy and balanced diet for the elderly, cannot be underestimated. Good quality, freshly cooked meals, is a key factor in ensuring our elderly citizens maintain their best possible health. Services such as meals on wheels food delivery operations, can help to ensure that the elderly have access to proper meals on a daily basis, which provide them with high quality nutrition. In addition to this, elderly people may benefit from a range of vitamin and mineral supplements that are designed to support their stage in life, and are widely available from health food stores and supermarkets.