Which mortgage provider should you use?

The survey looked at customer service, the application procedure for mortgages and value for money

Principality Building Society has been named the best mortgage lender in Great Britain for customer service, with First Direct and Nationwide in second place.

A Which? research at more than 3,500 customers looked at customer service, the application procedure for mortgages and value for money.

It noted that the Principality of BS achieved a customer score of 80 percent and nine out of 10 customers said they had no problems with their mortgage.

The survey looked at customer service, the application procedure for mortgages and value for money

The survey looked at customer service, the application procedure for mortgages and value for money

The construction company received five stars as flexibility for payments on its mortgage and 97 percent of the customers were satisfied with their mortgage.

First Direct and Nationwide both scored 77 percent to score second. Virgin Money came in fourth place with a score of 76 percent, Coventry won fifth place with 75 percent and Skipton got a score of 73 percent to reach sixth place.

Kensington came to the bottom of this year's table, with a customer score of only 56 percent. The lender received two stars on price-quality ratio and which? discovered that two-thirds of customers would pay the standard floating rate on their mortgage.

However, Kensington specializes in loans to people with poor credit or complex conditions, so rates are higher because of the increased risk it takes.

A statement from the lender said: "We continue to work on simplifying our business and improving the customer experience. If customers are not satisfied with their mortgage, we work closely with them to solve any problems.

We take complaints from our customers seriously and have a dedicated team dedicated to resolving them as quickly as possible. & # 39;

Rank supplier Customer score
1 Principality 80%
2 First Direct 77%
3 nationwide 77%
4 Virgin money 76%
5 Coventry Building Society 75%
6 Skipton 73%
7 Chelsea Building Society 72%
8 Halifax 71%
9 Yorkshire Building Society 71%
10 NatWest 70%
11 HSBC 70%
12 TSB 70%
13 Santander 70%
14 Leeds Building Society 70%
15 AA mortgages 68%
16 Barclays 68%
17 Lloyds Bank 66%
18 Yorkshire Bank 65%
19 Clydesdale Bank 63%
20 The cooperative / platform 62%
21 Royal Bank of Scotland 62%
22 Accord mortgages 61%
23 Kensington 56%

Accord Hypotheken, the intermediary of the YBS Group, also gave a disappointing performance, with the second worst customer score of 61 percent. One in seven customers was dissatisfied with their mortgage.

An Accord spokesperson said: & # 39; We always welcome feedback and actively look for the case we do. We are therefore surprised by these figures, because our own independently conducted research shows that 86 percent of Accord's customers are satisfied with the service they receive.

& # 39; We will continue to work hard to provide our agents and their customers with the best possible service. & # 39;

Scandal hit TSB came 12th in the rankings, above Santander and Barclays, with a general customer satisfaction score of 70 percent.

To calculate the overall satisfaction score, which? also asked customers to assess their providers on the ease of online access and clarity of statements.

Gareth Shaw, which? money expert, said: & # 39; Choosing the right mortgage for you will probably be one of the biggest financial decisions you will ever make.

& # 39; It is essential that you select the right provider for your specific needs and those Which? Recommended suppliers are all highly valued by their customers for quality service and value for money. & # 39;

Mortgage broker Andrew Montlake, from London-based broker Coreco, added: & # 39; When left to navigate through the thousands of mortgage products offered without a helping hand, it can often come to just give interest – what is the cheapest deal?

& # 39; But this can ultimately cost customers much more than they should spend – both in money and in time.

When a broker recommends a deal, we look at the total cost of the loan, whether it is the right deal and also whether it is the right lender for you, because we understand how every lender works, how quickly solve possible problems and how easy they are to deal with.

Customer satisfaction is still too often left behind at the bottom of the priority hope when choosing a mortgage, but when it is the biggest financial commitment most people ever make, it pays to do this well. & # 39; ;