Comedy Club in Montreal

With all the focus stolen by the DJs of Montreal seven nights a week in a row, the chances of forgetting about the comedy club Montreal are high. But if you are looking for something hilarious this weekend, you can look around and easily find the most amazing comedians who can entertain you all night. So, if you are looking for good events to satiate your thirst for comedy, here is a list of top venues where you can enjoy funny shows and booze! 

Some of the famous comedy club Montreal that host the best comedy events are- 

The Blue Dog Motel – This dance and comedy club is one of the most famous places in Montreal, where on Monday nights, you can enjoy some good open mic comedy events. Also, it’s free of cost whether you just watch or perform. 

McLean’s Pub – This place is famous for its ten-liter tall beer towers, but it is also known for hosting the renowned Macsimum Comedy Nights. It’s an open mic event hosted only on Sundays in the Mac Lounge area (upstairs). It’s free for attendees as well as for the performers. 

Burritoville – This restaurant and bar are known for hosting comedy events and shows every Wednesday for free! 

Grumpy’s Bar – If comedy is your thing, then spending a Tuesday night at the Grumpy’s is a must for you. The bar hosts an open mic show where you can see all types of talents, not just comedians, but anyone who can entertain is free to perform here. 

Montreal Improv – If you are interested in some of the most improv comedies in Montreal, then this is the right place for you. The pricing might vary from night to night; you will mostly have to pay a maximum of eight dollars for a show! 

M Bar – At this bar, the Sunday nights are hosted by the Comedy Hostel – a group of best pro & semi-best pro Comedians in the city. The show positively starts at 8:15, and entry is pay-whatever-you-can, but they suggest an admission of 8 to 10 dollars. The great comedy you’ll get at this price range is a perfect steal! 

Comedy works – If you love comic performers, you can see some famous comedians in the world here. This place conducts an open-mic comedy event on Mondays. Here, you can watch some amateurs trying to debut in standups and some pros trying out new stuff. You will have to pay a minimum of 5$ dollars to watch the show as an audience because that’s the lowest a drink is here, and you can perform without any charges. 

Comedy Nest – This club is known for its comedy events in Montreal. It hosts open mic nights twice every week. On Tuesdays, you can watch some rookies performing standup while the Wednesday comedy nights are saved for Pro-Am’s to perform. 

So, if you wish to see a comedy event in Montreal, you can try any of the options above without spending much!