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Which Google Pixel phone should you buy?

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Unless you can find the Pixel 6 series for $300 or less, you’re better off buying one of the newer phones we recommended above. Any old Pixel is no longer worth buying. (He Pixel 5 Support Window ended.) You can still find some of them at various retailers, but unless they’re practically free, stick with any of the models above.

The best cases and accessories for Pixel

Case for Pixel 8A

Photography: Julian Chokkattu

This silicone case allows you to match the color of your Pixel phone. It’s durable, skin-friendly, and has raised edges on the front to protect the screen. It is made with recycled plastics. And while older cases easily attract lint and dust, the Pixel 8A’s revamped case resists them better. I also like that the charging port is a little more open as it makes it easier to swipe up from the screen.

Totallee is known for its super slim cases, and the one I tested for the Pixel 8 almost feels like you have nothing on your phone. It won’t protect the phone from anything other than everyday scratches. I suggest you go for the clear case. It offers clickable buttons and raised lips around the edges of the screen. Additionally, the color of the Pixel phone shines quite well.

This is certainly the best case if you frequently connect your Pixel to the handlebars of a bicycle or electric scooter. The Peak Design mounting system allows you to magnetically attach the phone to your Universal bike mount ($50), and it stays like that. After almost a year of testing, I have yet to have a phone fall out of the vehicle using this mounting system. It uses Apple’s MagSafe system, so it works with many MagSafe accessories, including wireless chargers. The company also has several other magnetic accessoriesas a car vent holder. The case itself is nice; I just wish the edges were a little higher for better screen protection. Comes in more colors than ever.

This is one of the best clear cases you’ll find for the Pixel, especially at this price. The buttons are clickable, the Pixel’s color shows through clearly, and the back doesn’t feel too plasticky like other clear cases. Totallee’s clear case offers a little more protection, but costs almost twice as much.

Caseology Tempered Glass Screen Protector

Photography: Caseology

Pixel phones don’t have a great track record for screen durability – they scratch easily. We first tested this protector for the Pixel 5A and it worked well. Installation is simple and includes a squeegee to remove air bubbles. You get two screen protectors for the price (some only include one, see the product page), plus a microfiber cloth, wipe, and dust removal stickers. Spigen screen protector for Pixel 8A It’s very similar in what you get and the application process, and it’s just as affordable.

This screen protector was really easy to apply and barely gave me any air bubbles. You only get one protector, but there’s an alcohol wipe to clean the screen beforehand, a microfiber cloth, an application tool, and a squeegee. The problem? It is not tempered glass, but a mixture of thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) and polyethylene terephthalate (PET), a cheaper material that is typically not as impact resistant.

You only get a screen protector here and it is expensive. Zagg claims the protector is five times stronger than traditional screen protectors and I haven’t seen many scratches on the pixels I applied it to, but take it with a grain of salt. It’s easy to apply with the included application tool, but Zagg doesn’t include a spatula, so you’ll have to use your fingers to push out any air bubbles. Comes with a dust sticker, a wet wipe and a microfiber cloth. For Pixel Fold, the screen protector is only for the external screen.

This is another expensive protector from Zagg that is easy to apply. It’s noticeably thicker than any other screen protector in this guide, so if you drop your phone frequently, it might be worth shelling out for this type of screen protection. You get a wet wipe, microfiber, and stickers for dust removal, plus an application tool to easily snap the protector into place.

Google Pixel (Gen. 2) Support

Photography: Google

Wireless charging is available on all Pixel phones mentioned in this guide. Google’s Pixel Stand is one of the best wireless chargers out there because it’s simple. The base doesn’t slide, the phone stays in place, and it allows for some fun features, like the ability to turn the screen into a digital photo frame and quick access to Google Assistant. It is made from 39 percent recycled materials and mostly also with eco-friendly packaging. Our guide to the best wireless chargers has more options, including the original and the cheapest. Pixel support.

This charging adapter is everything you need to recharge your Pixel, whatever model you have. The newer high-end Pixel phones don’t come with chargers in the box, so if you don’t have spare USB-C chargers, it’s worth picking one up. The tips of this one fold up, so it’s also great for travel.

These cases are expensive, but they have raised edges and offer decent edge protection. The buttons are clickable and you can choose from a few design options for the back, including walnut, leather, bamboo, silver pearl, and aramid fiber. (I love walnut). What makes this case special is that it is compatible with MagSafe, yes, Apple’s magnetic accessory system. I have used the Mous Limitless 5.0 successfully with some MagSafe accessories, such as a Belkin wireless charger.

This is a two-shell case: there is a soft silicone interior and a hard exterior. The buttons are a little hard to press, but not that much. There is a slight bump on the camera module and the edges are slightly raised around the screen. I don’t think it’s worth $50, but what might make it worth it is the sheer number of designs you can choose from.

Spigen Liquid Air Case

Photography: Spigen

It’s slim, has a nice texture, retains clicky buttons, and has precise cutouts for ports and speakers. What couldn’t be loved? Well, it’s a little boring, crushing the Pixel’s unique design, but I still think this case is one of the most attractive in Spigen’s line. The edges aren’t drastically raised, so don’t expect much screen protection. He The Thin Fit case is even more opaquebut it does the job.

Do you want a kickstand to hold your Pixel? This Spigen case has a built-in kickstand that works, although unfortunately it only works in landscape mode, which isn’t great for hands-free TikTok. Its thick bumper offers good protection around the edges, although it doesn’t protrude much from the edge, so you’ll still want to pair it with a screen protector.

I have used Pixel Fold cases from otterbox and Particle, but what I keep coming back to is the official Google case. The soft silicone is much nicer than the others’ hard plastic and doesn’t add too much bulk. They are two separate pieces and there is a gap on the side so you can access the buttons and fingerprint sensor.

Casetify Impact Case

Photography: Casetify

Casetify is the place you’ll want to go if you want your Pixel phone to stand out even more. There are millions of designs to choose from and Impact cases have hard bumpers, grippy sides and responsive buttons. The edges around the screen are also quite raised.

I only tested the Grip case with the Pixel 7 Pro, but it had clickable buttons and incredibly grippy edges (hence the name). I don’t think I’ve ever felt a more exciting case. It feels sturdy but quite thin. You can choose a stylish design, but you will have to apply this “skin” yourself to the back of the case. There is a lot of room for error here, so be careful and watch Dbrand installation video for tips. The Pixel 8 series version of this case adds MagSafe support, so you can use your Pixel with MagSafe accessories, but I haven’t tried that yet.

The Denali case for the Pixel 8 series has graphene embedded inside, which Zagg says improves durability. I found that graphene does a better job of distributing heat during demanding tasks, so if you push your Pixel to the limits frequently, then this might be a good case to try, even if it’s a little boring in the design department. For older Denali pannier models, the D30 material (best known for its use in motorcycle equipment) hardens on impact for better drop protection. The camera bar has raised edges around it and the buttons are clickable, but the edge protection is a bit lackluster on the front.

OtterBox Defender Pro

Photography: Amazonas

It takes some effort to install this case on the Pixel, but once you do, it’s arguably the most protection you’ll find. There’s a two-piece polycarbonate inner shell that fits above and below the Pixel, and then a thick synthetic rubber sleeve covers it for extreme durability. The buttons are surprisingly easy to click, although the entire phone will be thicker, wider and heavier. It’s made from more than 50 percent recycled plastic and there’s a holster you can put it in to wear your Pixel proudly on your belt. (The case can function as a stand.)

This is another nice clear case for the Pixel series. I like the textured power button, which makes it easy to find when you’re not looking, and there are points on the case to attach a lanyard (not included). It’s not as stain resistant as Ringke claims, but it’s easy to clean.

These are adorable cases with a few designs to choose from. I’ve typically only tried Cyrill’s Ultracolor cases (available for a variety of pixels), and they are solid. The new styles are fun, with clickable buttons, precise cutouts, and extra corner protection. Each case comes with a wrist lanyard so you can keep your Pixel within reach at all times.

Our Favorite Pixel Software Features


Video: Google

There are some key features on Pixels that you won’t find on any other Android phone. Some of these are only available on select pixels; those powered by Google’s Tensor chips are more capable. Here’s a quick breakdown:

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