Which are some of the categories that are not available on most betting websites?

If you want to find a new gambling website, you will see that some operators focus only on casino games, whereas others are into sports. Luckily, there are brands where you can experience the best from both worlds.

The fact that there are hundreds of betting websites means that some of them are forced to think of unique ways to accumulate new clients. Although most of them focus on providing numerous bonuses, some operators prefer to emphasize their betting features and categories.

Having said that, let’s take a look at which are some of the betting categories that you won’t find on many gambling sites. We expect to see them more often in the future.

Virtual Sports

Wagering on regular sports is fun, which is why millions of people do it on a daily basis. Yet, even if you are the biggest sports fan in the world, there are times where you won’t find any event worth betting on. That’s why some bettors decide to try out the virtual sports section. 

If you check the Cbet review, you will immediately notice that this is one of the few gambling websites that allows its customers to access a unique virtual sports section. Most places that offer those types of things enable their clients to avail themselves of things like football, trotting, speedway, and more. Of course, virtual football is the most popular option, but this doesn’t mean that the other alternatives are not worth it.

Besides being fun, virtual sports usually have exceptional markets. Another thing that makes them popular is the odds, which are great.


Bingo used to be really popular back in the days, so it doesn’t come as a surprise that many people like playing it even today. Once you start looking for a new betting website, you will notice that some operators have special bingo sections. Besides the regular bingo game, some of those sites created unique versions based on various themes, such as Ancient Egypt, movies, and more.

eSports section

The next thing on this list is something that is becoming more popular by the day, and that’s eSports. Almost every modern online bookmaker has at least a few eSports titles in its sportsbook, but only a few brands managed to create a special section.

As you can probably guess, the eSports section usually features loads of computer and mobile games, unique markets, and exclusive features, such as live streaming.


Most betting websites that focus on casino games usually have at least a few different variations of poker. However, there aren’t that many operators that allow their customers to avail themselves of an exclusive poker section.

The thing that makes this place unique is the fact that you will probably find loads of unique poker variations. In addition to the numerous live poker tables, some operators also include several video poker versions and even a stand-alone client that you can download and install on your computer, phone, or tablet.