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Where to preorder the various editions of Starfield (and what’s included)


It’s been a busy year for big game releases, with star field being one of the biggest titles yet to be released. Bethesda’s Xbox and PC exclusive promises a massive sci-fi world to travel through, with over 1,000 explorable planets and countless weapon and mod customizations. It’s also the first new world Bethesda has created in over two decades, offering a change of pace from its long run. ancient scrolls franchise.

If what you saw in Bethesda’s 45 minute gameplay preview of star field Are you excited enough to pre-order the game before its September 6 release date? We have compiled all your options in a single window. From the $69.99 base game to the $299.99 Constellation Edition and all its included add-ons, as well as colorful superfan-branded accessories, here are all the ways you can pre-order star field.

Subscribe to Game Pass to access the star field Standard Edition

Already subscribed to Xbox Game Pass, PC Game Pass, or Game Pass Ultimate? If so, you already have access to the standard edition of star field Day One Game Pass members also get access to the same in-game pre-order bonuses as the Standard Edition (including the Old Mars Skin Pack for the Laser Cutter, Deep Mining Helmet, and Deep Mining Pack), and you’ll keep those benefits as long as you subscribe to Game Pass.

Game Pass subscriptions run $9.99 per month for PC, $10.99 for Xbox and $16.99 for both (which also gives you access to cloud-based streaming). The next $9.99 Game Pass Core tier that will replace Xbox Live on September 14 does not include star fieldhowever.

Xbox Game Pass Ultimate offers access to over 100 titles, which you can play on multiple devices. The pass also gives subscribers access to exclusive offers, online multiplayer, and Microsoft’s cloud gaming service, Xbox Cloud Gaming.

Pre-ordering the standard edition of star field

If you prefer to own your games, star field pre-orders start at $69.99 for the standard edition on Xbox or PC. However, only the Xbox Series X version is available as a physical disc; the physical version for PC is just a code in a box. You can pre-order the disc version for Xbox Series X from various retailers like Best Buy, Amazon, game stopand Aim. The “physical” PC version is also available on Amazon, Best Buy, game stopand Aim.

Regardless of which store you choose, pre-ordering the Standard Edition grants access to the Old Mars Skin Pack: cosmetics for the Laser Cutter, Deep Mining Helmet, and Deep Mining Pack.



Bethesda’s highly anticipated sci-fi RPG, combining elements of action, gun-based combat, sea battles, and space exploration spanning over 1,000 planets.

Pre-ordering the premium edition of star field

Opt for the premium edition of star field it essentially costs $99.99 for the digital version or a total of $104.98 for the physical version (via the $34.99 “premium edition upgrade” combined with the $69.99 standard edition). The $99.99 digital premium edition gets you five days early access to play the game, the shattered space Story DLC will come later, access to a digital art book and original soundtrack, a Constellation skin pack, and the Standard Edition Old Mars skin pack. Purchasing the standard edition and upgrading to the premium edition separately adds to all of that plus a SteelBook case and Constellation patch.

You can preorder the digital premium edition for $99.99 at Amazon, Best Buyand game stop. The $34.99 premium edition upgrade to match the physical standard edition, meanwhile, is available for pre-order from Amazon, game stop, Aimand Best Buy.



The digital premium edition of star field includes the base game with up to five days of early access, the shattered space expansion once it launches, the Constellation skin pack (including the equinox laser rifle, spacesuit, helmet, and booster pack), and access to the star field Digital art book and soundtrack.



The premium upgrade for star field includes all of the game content add-ons that come with the $99.99 digital premium edition, along with a SteelBook case and Constellation patch. It is intended to be bundled with the standard physical version of the game.

Pre-ordering the Constellation Edition of star field

Last, but far, far from least, is the star field Constellation Edition. This $299.99 limited edition super deluxe bundle includes all of the standard and premium editions, as well as a credit card with a laser-engraved game code and a star field Chronomark watch with a decorative briefcase.

While it costs about as much as a full Xbox Series S console, the Constellation Edition sold out quickly shortly after it was first announced. However, as we have seen with the collector’s edition of The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, it will likely return in limited quantities closer to the game’s release. (Best Buy’s site even marks it as “coming soon”.) Amazon, Best Buy, game stopor directly from Bethesda.



star field The Constellation Edition includes the base game with up to five days early access, a credit card laser-engraved with the game code, the next shattered space story expansion, the Constellation skin pack, access to the star field digital art book and original soundtrack, a SteelBook case, a Constellation patch, and a star field Chronomark watch and box.

star field-themed accessories to accompany your pre-order

If you want to up your peripheral game with the colorful sci-fi vibes of star field, Microsoft has some limited edition accessories for you. He star field Seagate’s limited-edition Xbox wireless controller, wireless headset, and game drives/game center feature matching Constellation-inspired designs.

The controller is available now for $79.99 at Best Buy, game stopand direct from Microsoftwhile the headphones are available for around $124 at Amazon, Best Buy, game stopand Aim.

As for Seagate’s gaming drives, they’re only available at Best Buy right now and come in 2TB and 5TB capacities for $109.99 and $169.99, respectively. The largest Seagate gaming hub includes 8TB of storage and additional USB-A/USB-C ports for $239.99.



A standard wireless Xbox controller for Series X/S or PC consoles, decked out in a spaceship theme star field Cosmetic products. In addition to the paint job and graphics, it features a metallic bronze D-pad, two-tone textured grips, and transparent shoulder triggers with visible bronze motors inside.



He star field The limited edition version of the Xbox Wireless Headset features a Constellation-themed design with a transparent microphone boom.



The Seagate Game Drive and Gaming Hub adds external storage to an Xbox Series X/S console via a USB 3.2 Gen 1 connection. You can play backwards-compatible games directly from the external hard drives or store newer games. to save space on the internal SSDs of Series X/S consoles.

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