Where to Find a Percussion Massage Gun

The latest technological boon to those with an active life that involves regular workouts is the percussion massage gun. This heavy-duty massage tool is defined by a single massage head, that operates with the push of a button to deeply penetrate muscles, working through tight areas and knotted tissues. The repetitive push of the massage head lends to the “percussion” description, as it pummels the flesh in order to loosen up muscle fibers, in the hope that fewer injuries will arise from the deep massage it provides, along with increased blood flow to injured areas, and a loosening of tissues that may otherwise cause sensitive nerve pathways to become irritated or pinched. As these massagers gain in popularity, they are found in more places, under different brand names. With their quick rise as a popular workout tool, you can find them in more places every day.

Online Is The Most Reliable Source

The best retailers of percussion massage guns have online stores, where the full line of their various products are offered. Theragun, the original manufacturer of the massage gun, offers a few different sizes of percussion massagers, as well as a few other products, including a line of CBD topical products to enhance the use of the massage gun with topical balms. Most all of the top manufacturers of massage guns operate an online store of their own, taking most common forms of payment securely, and ship the product to you.

Big Box Stores Have Some Lower Range Massage Guns

There are a few massage guns that can be found at big box stores, but as a trade-off for a more affordable product, there are usually sacrifices made to the durability and strength of percussion produced by the massage piston. The massage provided by these guns do help prevent injury as effectively, in general. They offer some relief from post-workout, but they aren’t as efficient in their design as the higher-end models, so it should not be expected that the same durability is available. Off brands usually offer less powerful massage functions, and may not be as durable or long-lasting as a well made, reputable brand.

Import Stores Offer Less Reputable Options

Import stores from the far East ship highly discounted products to the US, usually with a long shipping time before delivery. These massage guns look like the massage guns you see in reputable online makers of top of the line makers. The materials used to make the products, however, is often substandard – or at least that’s a common complaint in customer reviews. The price is considerably cheaper in many cases, which makes these a tempting purchase. The customers seem to find a hit or miss situation, occasionally being happy with their new no-name massage gun – and other times getting stuck with an overpriced piece of plastic that may not even work. 

Amazon, eBay Get Into The Mix

Amazon is never far behind when a new product is becoming popular among online retailers. Keep in mind that Amazon will only sell products that do not also sell on any other website. This policy excludes most of the best-rated brands of percussive massage guns, as well as the best quality brands. Amazon offers a very good selection of refurbished electronics for a significant discount, and it might be worth your time to check out the selection of massage guns there if you are looking for a deal. 


eBay has always been the place to score used or discount offers on products of any kind, and if a brand new top of the line massage gun is out of your price range, you might be able to locate a used or refurbished top brand massage gun at a discount price.