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Where to buy the Pokémon Go Plus Plus device


To use pokemon sleep, the new gamified sleep-tracking application launching this summer for iOS and Android devices, you’ll need the $54.99 Pokémon Go Plus Plus accessory (silly name, I know). It’s a more capable version of the original Pokémon Go Plus accessory that you can’t work with alone Sleepallows you to keep track of your distance and catch Pokémon without having to pokemon go app.

The small disk-shaped accessory is equipped with a single button in the center to enable sleep tracking, and it can be used to spin nearby PokéStops into pokemon go automatically. It is also capable of throwing Great Balls and Ultra Balls to catch Pokémon, in addition to your standard Pokéballs.

Pre-orders went live for the Pokémon Go Plus Plus, but they quickly sold out on Nintendo’s online store shortly after it was announced. But you can currently reserve this new device at Best Buyand it will ship on July 17. We will add links to other retailers as they become available.

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