Where are Apple’s new Macs? Here’s what we still expect Apple to announce this year

Apple’s “California Streaming” event was packed with announcements, from the iPhone 13 and the upcoming Apple Watch Series 7 to a sixth-generation iPad Mini. We expected a lot from this, but there were a few things we expected Apple to announce but didn’t, including new MacBook Pros and next-generation AirPods.

However, it seems there’s still hope for them to come out soon, especially considering it’s historically October when Apple will unveil new Macs. According to BloombergApple’s trusted watcher, Mark Gurman, will likely hold at least one more online event within the next “few weeks,” meaning Apple can reveal today’s no-shows before the end of 2021. Here are some of the more notable omissions we expect to see in the coming months.

New MacBook Pros

The redesigned 14-inch and 16-inch MacBook Pros powered by a new M1X chip — the rumored name for an improved variant of Apple’s M1 chip that debuted last year — could appear next month, Gurman predicts. Rumor has it that the new laptops will reportedly feature a flat-edged redesign and the return of the MagSafe magnetic charger, as well as the reintroduction of previously cut-away inputs like the HDMI port and SD card slot.

New Mac Minis, iMacs, and Mac Pro workstations

After Apple unveiled the MacBook Pro, Gurman also speculates that we may see an upgraded Mac Mini, a larger iMac, an updated Mac Pro workstation, and even a “new low-end MacBook Pro.” Each machine will also reportedly be powered by Apple’s next-generation internal chips, which will “significantly exceed the performance and capabilities of current M1 chips,” Gurman’s unnamed sources said. Still, there’s no guarantee Apple will reveal it before the end of the year.

Next Generation AirPods

It was heavy rumor that Apple would unveil the third-generation AirPods at the iPhone 13 event, so it was a huge surprise when the company didn’t. However, we may still be able to see it debut before the holiday season begins.

When they arrive, the new AirPods will reportedly have some of the most significant changes in shape since their debut in 2016. It is likely that the new pair will mirror the AirPods Pro in design, with a new housing and shorter stems. However, that may be where the similarities between the two end – noise cancellation, for example, may remain exclusive to the Pro model.

The new AirPods are expected to retail for somewhere between $150 and $200, and it’s not clear yet if Apple will sell two different versions — one with and one without a wireless charging case — as it does with the current non-Pro AirPods.

macOS Monterey

During Tuesday’s keynote, Apple announced that the next version of its smartwatch operating system, watchOS 8, will launch on September 20 alongside iOS 15 and iPadOS 15. However, macOS users are still in the dark about when exactly they can see the official release of macOS Monterey, the successor to macOS Big Sur.

macOS Monterey – which was first introduced as a free update during WWDC 2021 and has been in public beta testing since July – will likely still arrive in the fall, as stated on Apple’s website. The update brings improvements to FaceTime, Safari, and a host of other apps. Monterey also introduces features such as Live Text and Universal Control, a feature that allows you to manage and quickly move files across multiple Apple devices.

Given the lack of Mac updates during Tuesday’s event, it seems possible that Apple could announce the Monterey release date at the rumored event in October.