When Should You Consider an Emergency Dentist Visit?



Dental emergencies can arrive without knocking on the doors. Not only are they unexpected but also inconvenient and extremely painful. In such situations, an emergency dentist is present for you around the clock. However, many people are still unaware of emergency dental situations and do not consider visiting a dentist unless the condition gets worse. As per the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry (AACD), Americans spend at least $2.75 billion collectively every year on cosmetic dentistry.

In this post, we have mentioned dental emergency conditions when you should meet the dentist at once.

Tooth Fracture

Maintaining good oral hygiene is extremely important. Falling out of a tooth without warning is not a good sign. While losing a tooth is normal for children, as their teeth are still maturing, it’s a sign of an underlying problem as a grown individual. Even the feeling of wiggling teeth indicates that something is wrong and needs immediate attention. Instead of delaying the treatment, it’s suggested to meet the dentist on an immediate basis to place the real tooth back to its original place. 

Serious infection

Despite good oral care, oral infection is inevitable. If you begin to feel a sudden unbearable pain, chances are you have a serious infection. This kind of pain does not go away without treatment or may need minor surgery. You can either give a call to a family dentist or you can visit a Dublin dental care immediately. The infection can be caused due to cavities or tooth damage that was left untreated before. When you do not want the infection to spread to other healthy teeth or get worse, meet the dentist for treatment as soon as possible. 

Bleeding Mouth

The moment you sense a metallic taste in your mouth, check immediately if there’s bleeding without your knowledge. Healthy gums never bleed unless you accidentally cut yourself while chewing, brushing, or flossing. An unexpected gum bleeding indicates early signs of gum disease. If there’s a little bit of blood, you can take it as a warning and start a better oral care regime. But when you experience excessive bleeding on a regular basis, consider it as a red flag. You need the dentist right away. 

Swollen Jaw

Most people do not visit the dentist when they experience a swollen jaw. They do not know that oral health can affect any part of the body, including the heart. So, if you notice your jaw starts to swell or hurt out of nowhere, chances are you have a mouth infection that is traveling down. The best way to treat infection is to seek help from a dentist as soon as possible, so you will be able to avoid any bigger problems. 

Besides these conditions, if you experience a severe toothache, get in touch with a family dentist at once, rather than taking over-the-counter painkillers or treat it yourself with home remedies. For proper relief from severe toothache and infection it is best to meet a dentist nearby.