When Did Women’s Blazers Become Popular?

For the longest time in fashion history, blazers were a staple in menswear. Even when they were worn by women, the blazer was often regarded as a “menswear-inspired” article in the closet. This, however, has completely changed in today’s world with power women donning blazers to exude a strong personality while retaining a touch of femininity. But when did this change happen to make women’s blazers so popular?

Well, let’s step back in time to understand the history behind the women’s blazer.

A history of women blazers and its popularity

Blazers were first introduced in the 1800s as a staple to keep men warm. With its strong features and masculine frame, it’s been said that blazers were mostly worn by rowers of well-known English colleges such as Oxford and Cambridge.

It wasn’t until an article about jackets popped up in 1952 did the women’s blazer become more popular with women. Proudly worn by the Cambridge’s Lady Margaret Boat Club, these jackets were predominantly featured in a sharp, blazing red. Thanks to this feature, the jacket became known as “the blazer”.

But the history of women blazers didn’t end there. In 1964, French fashion designer André Courrèges created the world’s first pantsuit for women. While pants were regularly only worn by women for special occasions, the pantsuit gained popularity around the 1980s thanks to movies such as Working Girl and Baby Boomer. Blazers were often paired together to help create layers in style, marking the beginning of the blazer era as we know it today.

As the era of fashion changed in the 1990s and 2000s, women blazers became even more common, especially at work. Women blazers began to make its way into more and more women’s wardrobes, elevating their sense of style from casual to business with just this simple addition. Today, you’ll find a range of women’s blazers available in the market, ready to take on the world with you.

How to style women blazers

Before picking out your women blazer, you’ll want to first learn how to style it right. This helps take your fashion game to a whole new level, so be sure to follow through.

The right fit for the sharp look

First, you’ll want to decide on the fit of your blazer. Wearing a blazer of the right fit ensures you won’t drown in your outfit. Remember that you’re wearing the blazer and not the other way around. Measure the blazer against your body, making sure that the hemlines are skimming your hip bones. You’ll want the sleeves to hit just the first joint of your thumb – no more or less. Finally, be sure to fit a blazer that sits comfortably on your shoulders, so you’ll look sharp no matter how you pair your outfits.

Oversized women’s blazers

Oversized women’s blazers are a classic take to the regular women’s blazer. While they’re trickier to carry, nailing it right can frame your silhouette to create a sexier overall look. As a rule of thumb, be sure to find a piece that has a 3-way balance when you’re shopping for an oversized blazer. For example, if you’re looking to don a blazer that has extended shoulders and long sleeves, then you’ll want to keep the length of your blazer standardized to your hips. This helps create an illusion of a well-thought-out oversized blazer look.

Final thoughts

In conclusion, women’s blazers have come a long way since its conception in fashion history. If you’re thinking of adding a women’s blazer into your wardrobe, you’ll want to ensure you can pair it right. Picking out a plain blazer to balance off a printed dress is a great way to put business into fun fashion. If you’re wearing a plain assembly for the day, try adding on a printed blazer to jazz it up a notch.