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WhatsApp introduces Security Center: what it means for users


WhatsApp recently launched a Security Center for its users worldwide. This resource page provides information about security measures and product features that can help protect users from unwanted contacts and spam messages.

The Security Center on WhatsApp will be accessible in English and ten Indian languages, including Hindi, Punjabi, Tamil and Telugu.

With the Security Center, WhatsApp wants to inform users about the various privacy settings available in the app and gives tips on how to take more control over their accounts. Some of the features covered include two-step verification, scamming, and group controls.

The Security Center page comes after users reported receiving spam calls from unknown foreign numbers.

WhatsApp users in India receive calls and messages from international numbers

Lately, WhatsApp users in India are experiencing a surge of anonymous calls and messages from international numbers. Some users have also reported receiving job offers from unknown numbers, which unfortunately resulted in some of them losing money.

The Minister of IT, Rajeev Chandrasekharannounced that the ministry would send a message to meta regarding this problem.

Responding to the minister’s concerns, WhatsApp acknowledged the increase in international scam calls and said it has improved its AI and ML systems to quickly identify and reduce fraudulent incidents, expecting to reduce fraudulent calls by at least 50%. Reduce.

A spokesperson for WhatsApp stressed that the company is committed to user privacy and security and fully supports government efforts to ensure their safety.

WhatsApp requested users to block suspicious accounts and report if such a call or message is received from international numbers or someone unknown.

WhatsApp has made its users aware of its security features and how users can use them to avoid spam calls and messages. WhatsApp recently launched the “Stay Safe with WhatsApp” campaign in India, which aimed to educate users about the platform’s various safety features, such as two-step verification, blocking and reporting, and privacy controls.


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