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What’s On the Ballot and How to Vote in Minnesota’s Primary

Minnesota voters in the First Congressional District will see two names on the ballot on Tuesday. It’s not a mistake.

There will be a special general election to decide who will serve for the last four months of Deputy Jim Hagedorn’s term, who died in February, as well as a regular primary for the same seat.

Not registered to vote? That is good. The same-day voter registration law means you can still go to the polls on Tuesday.

Here’s what else you need to know:

The personal vote ends at 8 p.m. Central time. Not sure if you are registered to vote? To check hereand use this state site for more information about same day registration.

In most places in Minnesota, voters can vote in person or by mail with an absentee ballot, if requested in advance.

Some cities with fewer than 400 registered voters have chosen to hold elections by mail only and delivered ballots to all registered voters before Election Day. Find out if your city is one of them here.

Ballot papers must be received by election officials on or before Election Day. If you haven’t sent yours yet, please deliver it to the polling station you sent by Tuesday at 3pm. Voters may not return the ballot papers submitted to the polling stations. Check the status of your email mood here.

Find your nearest polling station with the Minister of Foreign Affairs website.

In addition to the special election and regular primary for Mr Hagedorn’s seat, Representative Ilhan Omar, a well-known member of the progressive clique known as the Squad, is aiming for her third term in office and faces another primary challenge from a mediocre candidate . This time it’s Don Samuels, who runs on a pro-law enforcement platform.

There are also other national competitions and some local races. View an example vote here.

Michael C. Bender reporting contributed.

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