The gambling industry in Canada is evolving quickly to become a seriously large contributor to the gross domestic product. In Canada, you can find the casino and many other gambling platforms as the number of providers keeps growing steadily. 

The growth of the local market is possible because new technologies and young generations of players keep pushing the industry forward, making it more robust and all-encompassing. Online casino bonuses,, loyalty perks, and many other offers that make the games more attractive than ever before. 

But what’s the real secret behind the success of Canadian casinos? In this post, we will discuss five recent changes that act as genuine casino growth boosters in Canada. Let’s take a look!


  • Live casinos

A live casino is an online casino where players can gamble in real-time with live dealers. Players can see and interact with the dealers, and in some cases even chat with them via a webcam. The games are streamed to your computer or mobile device in high definition. 

This type of casino offers a more social experience as players can see and speak to the dealer while they play. Live online casinos offer all the same games as traditional brick-and-mortar casinos, including blackjack, roulette, baccarat, and poker. Some also offer slot games.

Although not new, this form of online casinos is getting increasingly popular in Canada and the rest of the world. With the increasing adoption of new technologies, live casinos are not going anywhere. On the contrary, we expect them to keep getting increasingly popular all over the country.

The only downside of live casinos is the actual cost of making one. It takes time, effort, and money to shoot high-quality videos of live games that will be streamed to players’ computers. That is why only the richest online casinos can afford them due to their cost.

But this problem should subside as technology advances. Live dealers will become a common feature in online casinos because recording and streaming technologies will get better and cheaper over time. This means that everybody will be able to use this feature.


  • Play with Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies

Bitcoin is a digital cryptocurrency that is decentralized, meaning it doesn’t have an owner or central authority behind it. It can be transferred easily and anonymously peer-to-peer. 

When it comes to casino payments in Canada, Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies have become a very popular choice. It is one of the biggest changes in the gambling sector that helps new players join the game more swiftly.

What makes crypto money so popular among gamblers?

Firstly, they are decentralized and thus leave no room for fraud or abuse from casino employees. Secondly, cryptocurrencies do not have a central issuer like regular currencies do. This means that governments cannot block payments as they would with traditional payment methods such as bank cards or PayPal accounts.

Over the past few years, digital currencies like Bitcoin have become more present in Canada. This has led to many casinos accepting them as a regular payment method, in addition to the usual suspects such as credit cards and Stripe. 

The abundance of payment means makes online casinos more inclusive and accessible than ever before. This has opened up a huge market for casinos because they can now reach wider audiences and new markets while also collecting more revenue.


  • The legalization of online gambling in Canada

Casinos have always been thinly regulated, both on the federal and provincial levels. However, the situation is gradually changing because provinces such as Ontario and British Columbia have legalized online gambling. 

This has opened up a vast new market for casinos, which is mainly composed of players who want to gamble but were too scared or weren’t allowed to do it in land-based casinos. Now, these players can enjoy casino games from the comfort of their sofa without breaking any laws. 

Besides that, Canada recently adopted the famous Bill C-218. It’s a law that aims to regulate the industry, allowing all provinces to establish digital gambling platforms. Even more, the law allows almost all individuals and organizations to create casino companies that will operate on the Internet. 

In such circumstances, the gambling sector will be able to grow bigger than ever thanks to the two factors mentioned above. This means that anyone with an Internet connection can enjoy the benefits of online gambling in Canada without breaking any laws.

  • The rise of e-sports

E-sports is a relatively new phenomenon, but it has become so popular across Canada that many major casinos have begun to accommodate them in their list of activities. E-sports are live gaming tournaments where professional gamers can compete against each other.

It’s a largely online activity that grew from video games and traditional sports events. These tournaments have become so massive, both globally and in Canada, that many e-sports players can make a living just by playing games on the Internet.

Typically, these gamers play in front of a live audience at designated arenas or online from home. Many casinos have embraced this new type of entertainment with open arms because they offer good revenues and an opportunity to attract new groups of players.

E-sports are popular among younger audiences, meaning that casinos can attract them with ease while offering less risky gambling activities, such as poker or roulette. Casinos have also adapted their business model in order to keep up with the latest trends because this allows them to maintain high standards of entertainment.

All in all, e-sports are becoming increasingly popular in Canada and they will most likely become a major part of the gambling sector in the near future. 

  • Casinos offer more bonuses than ever before

As mentioned above, online casinos in Canada can now reach wider audiences and new markets. But the popularity doesn’t grow solely due to e-sports or cryptocurrencies. Without a doubt, the biggest reason behind this is the increasing number of bonuses that they offer to players. 

The best part about casino bonuses is that they often come with no strings attached. This means that you don’t have to fulfill any requirements in order to withdraw your winnings. But even if they did, it still wouldn’t change the fact that promo features are very tempting. Here are only a few perks you can receive:

  • Welcome bonus: This is the most popular bonus among players because it gives them a chance to double, triple, or quadruple their bankrolls. It’s especially common among new casino players who are willing to make their first deposits.
  • Loyalty bonus: This feature works very much like the welcome bonus, but it’s geared towards attracting regular players instead of newcomers. It’s usually offered to players who make at least one deposit per month, allowing them to get small amounts of money several times a week or month.
  • No deposit bonus: This is the type of bonus that requires no deposit on your part. All you have to do is sign up for an account and verify it in order to receive this type of bonus. 
  • Free spins: This option is very similar to the welcome bonus, but it focuses exclusively on slot games. You’ll receive a certain number of game rounds every time you make a deposit and they will be played on one or several particular machines.

Most casinos have tailored their bonus offers to attract different types of players. This is possible thanks to advanced tools with personalized marketing solutions that target each gambler individually. 

How do these changes impact the online casino market in Canada?

We’ve breezed through the most important changes that help Canadian casinos evolve, but how do they impact the overall gambling market in this country? As it turns out, these changes make a substantial impact on the casino industry. Here’s why.

  • New casino operators will emerge

When it comes to online casinos in Canada, the number of providers has been relatively stable for a long time. This is because they’ve used traditional business models and money transfers in order to stay afloat. 

But this situation will start to change when cryptocurrencies become more widespread and new markets emerge. This opens up possibilities for new casino operators who can create new products that are specifically geared towards a particular group of players. 

But that’s not all.

A more flexible legal barrier for launching an online casino will give the extra push needed for new companies to enter the market. The new law enables provinces to administer casino gambling on their own, which is what they’ll use to allow the establishment of new casinos.

  • More people are willing to try online casino games

What does it mean to have more casinos in Canada? Well, it simply implies that more people will get the chance to try out casino games, either for the first time or as a refresher.

In other words, online casinos in Canada will be able to increase their player pool and this will help them become more sustainable businesses. Casinos are making a lot of changes in order to stay afloat, but new players provide them with the support they need to last in this market.

Besides that, online casinos will do everything to become more attractive. We can expect new gambling games to be available in the years to come, especially the ones that target younger gamblers. In order for this to happen, casinos have hired talented developers whose goal is to make the experience more thrilling for casino enthusiasts.

  • The industry is getting bigger

The current size of the gambling market in Canada is nearly $13 billion. Although it sounds gigantic, the truth is that recent changes in the casino business will make the industry even bigger. 

The online casino market in Canada is set to expand in the coming years, thanks to all these big changes. The number of players will increase, new casinos will be formed, and old ones will find ways to become more attractive. Consequently, the overall amount of money deposited in online casinos will increase and this will make a difference in terms of investment and returns.

The idea is simple – players will get better offers and this will prompt them to spend more cash. As for gambling operators, they’ll be able to establish new relationships with existing players while also attracting new ones.

All in all, more casinos will appear and this implies that more money will flow through online casino games. The best part is that gamblers don’t need to do anything special to enjoy these changes – they can simply carry on their activities as usual and let the online gambling websites do the rest.

  • Online casino games become more dynamic

Another thing we have to conclude is that online casino games are becoming more dynamic. The developments in this field take the games to a whole new level, improving almost every aspect of the user experience. We are talking mainly about these features:

  • Better visual solutions: Casinos are really beginning to understand that video slots are extremely popular because they enable players to immerse themselves in the game. As a result, new titles are based on high-quality graphics that reproduce objects with extreme accuracy.
  • Convenient payment solutions: They help players get over administrative procedures quickly and start playing almost instantly.
  • Live dealers: Real dealers are located in the casino’s headquarters, so players get to see how these professionals work. Gamblers can get the real feel and bet just like they would do in a traditional brick and mortar casino.
  • New games: A variety of new gambling games appear every month, each one produced by a talented developer. The idea is to give the user a new experience every time they log in online, which is why newer titles are so popular.
  • Mobile compatibility: Nowadays, more players use their smartphones and tablets to access the Internet casino market. Thanks to this trend, casinos have begun creating apps for mobile devices with games that can be enjoyed on the go.


The gambling industry in Canada is going through major changes. Live dealers, cryptocurrencies, new laws, and many other features make the gambling market more dynamic, attracting young generations of players every day. 

Online casinos still have a long way to go before covering the entire Canadian market, but they are getting closer. Are you ready to join the party?