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What You Should Know About Tummy Tuck Recovery

by Afaq Ghumro
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Tummy Tuck Recovery

A Tummy Tuck, a popular cosmetic procedure, is designed to enhance the contour and firmness of the abdominal area by eliminating excess fat. Despite the remarkable results, going through the recovery phase can be challenging. Having a clear understanding of the recovery process will ease your post-surgical journey.

What can you not do after a tummy tuck?

There are several things you cannot do after getting a tummy tuck:

No heavy lifting: You will be restricted from lifting anything over 5 to 10 pounds for at least 12 weeks. Heavy lifting can stress your incisions and lead to unwanted complications.

No sun exposure: Sun exposure can worsen scarring and impact the healing process after a tummy tuck. Avoid any direct sunlight for at least 6 months, and use sunscreen regularly for optimal results

No submerging the incisions: Soaking your incisions in water before being given clearance by your surgeon can increase your risk for infection, fluid buildup or other problems. Avoid swimming, baths, hot tubs and the pool until your doctor says it is safe.

No smoking: Smoking reduces skin blood flow and can contribute to tissue death. Refrain from smoking for at least 2 weeks before your surgery and for 6 weeks after.

How can I be comfortable after a tummy tuck?

The highest level of discomfort occurs in the initial days post-surgery. Although manageable with prescribed medication, complete relief may take around 2 to 3 months.

How long does it take to internally heal from a tummy tuck?

The duration of internal healing can differ based on the complexity of the procedure. However, the final results are noticeable about 6 months post-op, a majority of patients returning to their normal routine within a few weeks.

How long after a tummy tuck can I drive?

It is best to avoid driving for 2 weeks after this cosmetic surgery. The abdominal movements associated with pressing the gas and brake pedals can put too much strain and tension on your surgical incisions. Any unexpected emergency braking or quick driving reactions could also cause undesired complications.

How long after a tummy tuck can I take a bath?

Most surgeons recommend avoiding baths for 4 to 6 weeks after a tummy tuck operation. Fully immersing your incisions can introduce bacteria and lead to scarring or infection issues. Taking quick, light showers is prefered over soaking the abdominal wounds. Before resuming baths, your surgeon will want to ensure your incisions are completely sealed.

When can you lay flat after a tummy tuck?

Many tummy tuck patients will spend the first week or two sleeping in an incline position. Lying flat can put pressure on the surgical area and make you feel uncomfortable. It may take approximately two to four weeks before it’s safe for you to lie flat, but your doctor will guide you on this matter.

How much should I walk after a tummy tuck?

It is recommended to walk for 20 to 30 minutes at least two times per day after a tummy tuck. Begin at a moderate pace to enhance blood circulation, which supports the healing process. As your endurance builds, steadily increase your sessions. Avoid overexerting yourself too soon.

Final Thoughts

The recovery process after a tummy tuck takes time and patience. Being knowledgeable about what to expect can help ease worries and anxiety. From activity restrictions to pain management to scar care, follow all of your surgeon’s recovery instructions carefully after your procedure. While the timeline varies somewhat from person to person, you can wait for 6 months for full effects to be seen.

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