What You Should Know About the Virtues and Downsides of Online Dating

Many people around the world are turning to dating websites to look for partners. In the USA, for instance, over 30% of adults have already interacted with one or more dating websites and apps. Thanks to technology, people can now use their mobile phones or tablets to access trending dating apps in attempts to find romance or any other types of relationships.

Many users consider it a better and safe way to meet a partner of their choice. But even as this is happening, there are shocking research revelations that some adults have used lies and untruthful statuses to make connections. Gullible users are always victims where their time, feelings, and money were wasted.

The issue of online dating virtues and downsides is a big concern for many people. Hence, it is worth knowing some of the virtues and downsides that affects these relationships whether you are new or have experience in online dating.

It is Straightforward and Discreet

Many people, especially single women, find online dating as a straightforward way to find a partner of their choice. After all, you only need to create a profile with personal details like your name and what you want before you can see other’s profiles or get matched with the perfect partner. Even if you are an introvert who likes to stay indoors, you can start a relationship online and eventually meet the love of your life.

Online Dating Caters for Different Relationships

Some people are looking for long-term committed relationships while others want to have casual dating. Furthermore, there are those who are looking for same-sex partners to settle or enjoy friends with benefits relationships. Online dating brings all these types of the relationship on one dashboard for users to choose what they want. For instance, https://www.happymatches.com promotes FWB relationships, but you can also enjoy other types if you visit their other pages.

Online Dating Can Be a Disaster

On the downside, dating online can be a disaster to users in many ways. Hypothetically, things are supposed to go well, but there are many things that can go wrong.

  •   Online predators – As you date online, you will realize that there are predators who look for innocent and gullible victims to play with. Most of them are after using their prey in the pretense of giving romance. Watch out for these people.
  •   Dating the wrong person – Because you hardly know people you meet online except for the information they give on their profile, there is a high probability of dating the wrong person. Be keen to get to know the potential partner more before you take the relationship to the next level.
  •   Peer Influence – Online dating can be full of peer influence. Many people have tried a hookup or FWB relationship because their friends did it but not because they wanted it.


Online dating is two-sided. It is good and bad. But you can make it all good by taking the virtues and playing safe to avoid experiencing the downsides. Good luck!