<pre><pre>What you need to know about this week in tech

The Vergecast round table rides again.


Of course the big news of the week is the revocation of Huawei & # 39; s Android license The Vergecast brings policy editor Russell Brandom back to the show to decipher this test and its larger implications.

During the second half of the show, executive editor Dieter Bohn explains how Apple adapts the problematic keyboard design to his current and future Macbooks. Editor-in-chief and host Nilay Patel ends the show with updates about the merger between T-Mobile and Sprint.

This episode is pretty tough, but Nilay lets the crew be a bit fun – like the weekly "JSON of emotion" by Paul Miller – so listen to everything to stay up to date.

Stories discussed this week:

  • Playdate is a cute handheld with games …