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What you need to know about the Excavator Stick Rake and its uses

The Excavator Stick Rake is a versatile attachment that makes it easy to remove overgrowth, sift soil, and manage vegetation. It is available for excavators ranging from three to ten tones and is made from top-grade 16-mm steel. Digga is committed to keeping jobs in Australia. Read on to learn more about this equipment.

Excavator attachments

The Multi-Ripper Rake is a unique attachment designed for an excavator. Its purpose is similar to that of a trencher, and it uses the hydraulic excavator’s rolling action to break up hard, compact ground sequentially. An excavator has numerous attachments that can be used to do various tasks. With this attachment, it’s possible to dig holes and move objects without the assistance of a tractor or a backhoe. This attachment is handy for clearing land and preparing it for building construction. The blades’ curved edges allow for maximum force projection and are made of high-quality materials. 

A Bonovo Excavator Rake is designed to turn an excavator into a highly effective land clearing machine. Its teeth are long and curved for maximum rolling action, made of durable, high-strength steel. These rakes project far enough forward to provide optimum loading capacity. The Bonovo Excavator Rake also works excellently in combination with the Bonovo thumb, allowing maximum material handling capability.

Another stick rake option is the Robur Stick Rake. It is ideal for clearing land and is made from high-quality steel to withstand rough treatment. Its shape allows the operator to scoop up materials, and its bisalloy 400 tips make it ideal for shifting rock and loose stone from soil piles. Finally, this rake is versatile and can be used on land clearing projects in many different applications.

Equipment lifts

An excavator stick rake is an excellent solution if you need to remove trees, stumps or debris from a site. They’re designed to handle irregular-shaped materials and retract against the excavator stick when not in use. Because of their size, these lifts are lightweight and easily stored in a vehicle. This feature is especially useful in clearing up overgrowth in large areas.

An excavator stick rake functions much like a trencher and uses hydraulic excavator rolling action to break up the ground sequentially. The staggered tine tips prevent the two tines from aligning with each other. Additionally, the distance between the stick pivot and tine tip is shorter than on a standard bucket, and this short distance multiplies the force of the rake tines.


The Excavator Stick Rake is an attachment that works with Multi-fit and CAT Skid Steer Loaders. The high-grade 16-mm steel construction of the stick rake allows operators to sift soil, remove overgrowth, and perform fast clean-ups. The attachment also features steps for easy cab access. Safety of the Excavator Stick Rake is essential for excavation and landscaping work.


Excavators have several attachments available, including an excavator stick rake. The excavator stick rake is an attachment for digging, sifting soil, and vegetation management. It is designed for use on excavators weighing between three and ten tons. It is made of 16mm thick steel and is a durable and lightweight tool that helps remove overgrowth and vegetation. It features convenient steps that make cab access easy.

One feature that differentiates the excavator stick rake from the rest is its design. The new rake features hooks on the back that serve as ground-penetrating tools, which give operators more leverage when uprooting roots and stumps. The curved design of the rake allows for easier material handling, with more volume being picked up in one pass. Its curved shape allows operators to dig deeper into the soil and can be used in land clearing, rock screening, and tree work.

Another unique feature of the Craig land clearing rake is its dual-shank design, which minimizes soil disturbance and maximizes land clearing efficiency. The Craig Contractor Grapple is designed for multi-tool excavators. It pivots on an independent pin for a greater range of motion and features solid boxed construction for added durability. The Craig Land Clearing Rake works best when used on a large pile of debris.


If you’re in the market for an excavator stick rake, you’ve come to the right place. The industry’s leading manufacturer offers a variety of stick rake attachments for all kinds of machines, including Bobcat mini excavators. You may check this link to learn more about excavators.

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