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What you need to know about highly visible shirts for work

High-visibility clothing can protect you from injury and loss of life. You may need to wear such clothing at work if you are in a dangerous environment. You can choose which type is right for you based on work rates, traffic volume and settings. You can also select safety vests if your job involves working around moving vehicles. And if you are required to wear a safety harness, safety vests or bibs are the ideal solutions.

Class 2 and 3 hi-vis sweatshirts

If you’re in a position where your visibility is important, you’ll want to invest in a hi-vis sweatshirt. A Class 2 or Class 3 hi-vis sweatshirt will ensure that you’re easy to see, even in low-light conditions. The sweatshirt is of functional polyester fabric that’s comfortable to wear and easy to clean. The sweatshirt has a zipped chest pocket for easy access to your essentials, and its clean design makes it easy to profile yourself in the field.

ANSI Class 2 safety sweatshirts are available from name-brand manufacturers and come in orange/yellow/lime colours.These high-vis sweatshirts feature reflective stripes to ensure workers remain visible in poor weather. These sweatshirts are lightweight enough to wear under a safety jacket and are available in zip front and pullover styles. These sweatshirts can be screen-printed or embroidered with custom graphics.

If your job requires a class 2 or a class 3 hi-vis sweatshirt, consider the PIP Type R Two Pocket Zipper Mesh Vest. 

Class 1 hi-vis clothing

Workers who wear Class 1 hi-vis clothing must adhere to specific safety requirements. The reflective area on their clothing must cover at least 151 square inches, and it must cover at least 30 square inches if it is not designed with a bright background. However, it is possible to get away with wearing a class 2 piece of hi-vis clothing if they’re working on the side of a highway.

In addition to these requirements, some workplaces require employees to wear high-vis garments for safety reasons. For example, in highway maintenance or road construction work zones, employees must wear high-vis garments when close contact with vehicles, machinery, and people. It includes flaggers, construction workers, road construction workers, surveyors, and utility workers.

Class 1 hi-vis tees

Wearing high-visibility tees can save lives on the job, making employees more visible to distracted drivers. Class 1 hi-vis tees are available in several colours and styles. Choose from classic and fashionable designs, or go for a more practical and comfortable short-sleeve version. Choose from leading brands such as Kishigo, MCR, and Grizzly.

When choosing your hi-vis t-shirt, keep in mind that you should replace it regularly if you work in a high-risk environment. A good hi-vis t-shirt can last for about six months when worn daily or one year if used less. In bad weather, it is important to wear bright and reflective clothing so that others can see you and the work area.

Class 1 hi-vis shirts

ANSI Type O Class 1 Safety Shirts have reflective tape and come in several colours. Choose a t-shirt, polo, or lightweight moisture-wicking shirt. These shirts come with reflective tape and are for workers in areas where pedestrians and vehicles are. They are also available in different designs and materials. The Work King ANSI Class, 1 enhanced visibility long-sleeve shirt is a great choice, with its contrasting material and reflective X on the back.

While there are many uses for hi-vis clothing, many individuals wear Hi Vis Shirts for recreational reasons. People who participate in outdoor activities and sports use fluorescent or reflective vests to increase their visibility. Hunters also wear bright orange shirts so that game animals cannot see them. While there are plenty of uses for Class 1 hi-vis clothing, it’s important to note that not everyone needs to wear it. These garments can be used by non-workers as well.

Hi-vis clothing improves worker visibility and safety, especially in low-light and moving environments. The reflective qualities of hi-vis apparel make the wearer easily identifiable. Hi-vis clothing is most visible in fluorescent colours, especially red. For this reason, hi-vis clothing is recommended in these industries. If you’re unsure whether your company requires you to wear high-vis, check with your employer.

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