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What You Need To Know About a Fuzzy Blanket

They are mostly made from fleece or artificial fabrics, ensuring that it is soft with a velvet feel.

Types Of Blankets

Throw Blankets

They are one of the most commonly used blankets. Their materials are made of fleece, wool, or polyester. They are easy to clean. They can be used when temporarily resting anywhere for comfort and warmth. In a very intense cold, it is used with a different blanket. It is suitable for decoration to give more colour and style to the bed. It is much thinner than a duvet or comforter. Most of this type includes a warm fuzzy blanket that gives a cosy feeling.


They are thick and inbuilt with synthetic fibers, although sometimes with wool and cotton. It is also referred to as a bed cover or bedspread. 

Duvet Covers

They are known for their ability to give comfort. They are generally very thick and made of soft material. The materials inside it include wool, feathers, and synthetic fibres. It does not need constant washing because they come with a cover that is mostly washed. 

Materials That Make A Blanket Warm

Fleece is extra warm with sherpa and mostly preferred for children. It is effective in wicking away moisture and gives Everlasting Comfort.

Vellux is a type of blanket covered by velvet and soft nylon. They are hypoallergic and can withstand thorough washings at high temperatures. They are ideal for usage in hotels.

Cotton Blankets are preferably used during Autumn, Summer, and Spring. In cool weather, they are used with a microfibre blanket. When a sheet alone does not provide the required warmth, it is best to use it.

Electric Blankets are laced with synthetic materials which carry elements of electric heating. You can decide to adjust the temperatures to your preferred level. There is a kind that comes with dual controls so that both users can program different levels of heat on their respective sides. It is not recommended to be used concurrently with another blanket. It is also not advisable to have it children’s bedroom.

Wool Blankets are efficient in cold seasons. They are warmer, thicker with more considerate in-built fabric. They are a natural fibre; hence the user breathes well.

Polyester Blankets are made from synthetic fibers like acrylic and polyester, which are breathable fabrics great to be used on a chill summer morning.

General Features To Look For In A Blanket


The fabric making any blanket will determine its nature. Materials made from sherpa, fleece, or homemade fabrics are durable and good for winter. Such material makes the fuzzy kind of fuzzy blanket.

Sizes And The Fitting

It is important to keenly check the size because the purpose of a blanket is to keep you warm and give you Everlasting Comfort. A small-sized blanket may end up exposing some parts of your body to cold. A good size is ascertained by comparing it with the bed measurement or the size and volume of the user.


This one depends on the designs preferred; some blankets come with different colors, patterns, and a mixture of materials. It is up to you to choose according to your taste and consider the intended use.

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