What to know before buying new tires

What to know before buying new tires

Tires are the vehicle’s most crucial part as they are the only part of the car that is actually in touch with the road. Even if you have a car with a small engine, the most advanced snit-skid system, and the strongest brakes, ever single part is dependent on the tires grasp on the road. Every move every navigation action that the driver does comes to action through the tires of the car which is in contact with the road.

So if the tires of your car are worn, inflated and not suited for the road they are driven on. Everything from the driver, passengers to the whole vehicle are at risk. However, most drivers are uninformed about the importance and don’t do the required research before buying tires. So if you are going to buy new tires for Prius or any other car. Here are a few things that you need to consider.

1.Every tire is not the same

Although all tires appear to be the same as they are made of rubber, have a round shape, have hollows called treads.  Speaking of treads, they are the most crucial part you have to look for as they play a big role in the safety of your vehicle. The indentions are designed by tire designers and each has a different pattern. Choosing the perfect tire depends on your driving habits and your vehicle. Every season has different tires and while selecting tires for your car you should consider the season you have most often in the country/ state in which you drive.

2. How to determine that it is time to change tires

Take a hard look at your tires and with the following deductions like do the tires look worn and damaged?  If they do then you should probably do a penny test in which you would have to insert a penny on the tire it the 1/3 of the coin goes in then you need to replace the tire otherwise not. However, if you are still not sure what to do you can always take the opinion of an expert.

3. Understand the code

Most consumers are unable to choose the right tire for their car. It is because they don’t understand the code that is written on the sidewall of the tire. The combination of numbers and letters tells you about the type, size and performing ability of the tire.

For instance, take code like this 236/45 R19 tire

  • First, three-digit numbers will tell you the width of your tire for instance 235 from the above code tells that the width of the car is 235mm (measured from side walls).
  • The two-digit number in this case 45 refers to the height which is 45% of the tire’s width
  • The letter ‘R’ refers to the placement of layers and R stands for radially. Meaning that the layers of tire are placed radially.
  • 19 refers to the diameter of the wheel

4. The role of the size of tires

There are the different size of tires that you can put on a model depending on the car and model you will have few or many options. Whatever you choose make sure that the tires fitted to the speed rating of your car so that they can handle when you drive fast and can hold up the weight you place on them.

5. Your requirements from the tires

Now that you have known a lot about tires, you need to ask yourself what you want when you drive your car. Do you need comfort, efficient control in the wheel or the least noise? With these specifications sorted you will be able to narrow down the choices in brands of tires you want in your car.

6. Set a budget

Tires are an expensive buy but you need to set a budget for yourself when you go buy them as things can get intense when you are faced with options. With the budget bracket set, you will able to choose appropriate tires for yourself.

Lastly, read about people’s experience of the brand you are planning to buy if they are positive then you are all set to go but if not you might want to check out another brand with the same specifications you have set.

Tires are a one-time spend with long delivering results of at least 4-5 years.