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What To Expect During an Amazon Rainforest Tour

The Amazon rainforest is the largest rainforest in the world, measuring 2.6 million square miles. It is home to over 400 mammals, 1,200 birds, 40,000 plant species, and 2.5 million insect species. It also contains the largest number of live freshwater fish species in the world. 

The thought of encountering all these different plant and animal species at once can be overwhelming. Here is what you should expect during an Amazon rainforest tip to put your mind at ease. 

It Is Humid

The Amazon experiences hot and humid conditions all year round. To make your Amazon rainforest trip more comfortable, wear loose-fitting cotton clothing because cotton provides excellent breathability. Also, drink a lot of water while you are there.  

It Can Get Surprisingly Cold 

You should expect cool winds and low temperatures if you plan your Amazon rainforest trip between June and November. Bring a warm jumper, a scarf to cover your face and mouth, or a coat with a hood to keep warm. 

You Will Encounter Lots of Mosquitoes during Your Amazon Rainforest Trip

The high humidity in the rainforest is a haven for mosquitoes; therefore, the chances are that you will not get through your tour without at least one mosquito bite. To avoid being bitten, wear full-length trousers and long-sleeved shirts, and spray your skin and clothes with insect repellent. 

You May Not See a Lot of Exotic Wildlife 

The rainforest is made up of thick and dense vegetation, making spotting animals more complex than, let’s say, on the open fields of an African savanna during a safari. Not only that, but wildlife in the Amazon changes depending on the weather, so if it is cool, they will stay undercover, and if it is warm, they will come out in the open. Plan your Amazon rainforest trip during the warmer months if you want to spot more animals. 

You Will Be Traveling Light

Most lodges have offices where you can leave your main suitcase or backpack. Before your tour begins, you will be given time to transfer your essential items into a duffel bag or a smaller load. This is simple — the boats that take you to the lodge cannot accommodate heavy luggage. Ensure that you pack everything you need — toiletries, underwear, suitable clothes, waterproof outer layer, medication, and a charger for your phone or camera, as many lodges offer electricity. 

Accommodation Is Comfortable

How comfortable you will be during your Amazon rainforest trip depends on the standard of accommodation you opt for. Most lodges feature spacious individual bungalows with seating areas, comfortable beds, warm blankets, and hot, running water bathrooms. Most are located in private reserves and have bars where you can sip on jungle-inspired cocktails, restaurants where you can have your meals, and swimming pools where you can unwind after a long day touring the rainforest. 

Now you know what to expect during an Amazon rainforest tour. Plan a trip to the Amazon and immerse yourself in the beauty of this ecologically diverse rainforest.

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