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What to do when you find a possum in your house?

Australia is home to a lot of animals who appear as common pests in offices and homes as they like to thrive in and around human activity in search of food and places to build nests or burrows. But the problem arises when we spot one and don’t quite know how to deal with them. There are many professional services that handle pest menace and do an excellent job getting rid of them with minimum fuss. Among the common animals that haunt homes causing alarm is possums. Pest Control Brisbane is one company who have had an excellent track record of finding all solutions arising from this pest. So if you are in doubt, just pick the phone and give them a call.

Possums and their habits

Possums are rodents of fairly large size and have long tail, beady eyes, sharp teeth, pointed snouts and white, grey or brown coats. They are mistaken for a rat but have no hairs on their ears and tail. Though they look like rodents they are marsupials .So they carry their babies and they can be quite a lot in number. They breed young ones numbering from 3-10 a year. They are nocturnal in habits and if they gain entry will hide throughout the day and become active at night. Trouble begins not only with their presence but if they die living in some hidden place . In that case the best dead possum removal Brisbane services have to be called in as dead carcasses bring in health complications.

Being expert climbers they reach far off places and if they are encountered emanate foul smell to ward off dangers to them.

Possum removal from your premises

While Possums feed on ticks, they can become a nuisance when they burrow into residences and property causing havoc. Since they are on the endangered list you have to follow some ethical guidelines to get rid of them. So the best decision would be to call in professional services of Pest Control Brisbane, who are proficient in all the techniques needed for the task.

Some positive facts about Possums

Being scavengers they eat insects, snakes, worms, fruits and grains. They eat up dead bodies of other animals and in that way are quite useful. Being immune to snake venom, they kill snakes. They are not susceptible to rabies and also control the tick population.

But on the flip side since they eat litter and garbage they are basically pests and attack chicken and fowl in and around human habitation and farms causing risks. Now since they are useful and harmful, they are tackled best by specialists like Pest Control Brisbane.

How do you know that you have a possum around?

One of the most prominent signs of a possum entry is a horrible smell as they defecate very often and have large sized droppings. This soaks into the building materials and insulation and this gives off a wretched odour. Also because they are so active and agile they trap themselves on wiring and sadly die.  The smell over time due to decay becomes unbearable and releases toxic gases and germs that might spread infections. It might be a bit challenging for many to take things in your own hands. Calling in professionals like Dead Possum Removal Brisbane can be safer and healthier.

How to remove Possum on your own

Using cages to trap: This is a common method used for possum control or removal. Pest Control Brisbane team uses live traps which ensure live possums are caught and then relocated away from the infestation area. Of course these traps are available and one can use them but still it’s advisable to reach out to professional services.

Check up on legal issues: Ensure the legal consequences of trapping and releasing live possums. In some states or regions if possums are caught they have to be euthanized and disposed of. If it’s legal and you want to venture into doing it on your own, ensure trapping and release is done properly. 

Choosing right trap and bait: When using a trap, please go for the right size .Use fish or cat food or fruits as bait. Possums prefer sweet things and will be attracted.

Regular checking trap: Once you have placed the traps, keep checking regularly so that you notice the animal when caught and dispose of them. If left unattended, they might die and it would be better to connect with dead possum removal Brisbane services to ensure safe process and restoration of clean environment.

Relocate the animal immediately: If the animal is caught, choose a place to remove the animal before it dies in the trap out of starvation and dehydration.

How do you actually do the removal?

In case you want to dispose of a carcass by yourself, it’s best to place the body in a sealed box to lessen stench and toxic gas. Once done it can be incinerated or put out in the garbage.

 Possum Removal Services

Professional exterminators like Pest Control Brisbane specializing in possum removal service do an initial inspection and engage in discussion with homeowners. A thorough check up property is done and looks for signs of their activity. Once assessed the service team sets up traps in probable areas by placing bait near it. Once the set up is done the team keeps track of activity. Once the possum gets inside traps they are removed to a safer location.

The Cost for Possum removal 

Removal of pests can differ from company to company and removing Possums is a specialized task as often it requires non chemical methods to preserve the animal and remove it from the area of infestation. Also charges vary according to the number of pests involved. Many companies charge anything around @300-$350 for possum removal service. This is a generic rate and will be different for different areas and service providers.

Possums are relatively easier to catch but the price goes up if their number increases. The technicians remove the animals and move it away a few miles from the premises and will come back to monitor more activities over next few days by resetting traps if more possums show up since they live together.