What this weekend’s full moon means for YOUR zodiac sign


Perhaps you are now looking for like-minded connections and emotional contact with like-minded spirits. Friends, groups and your hopes and dreams come to the fore. It’s time to go out and mingle and if you can’t. do it on the internet. Group efforts work well and you are likely to meet new people this month.


Make a transformation in your life now, because you will want to broaden your horizons. You may be thinking about travel, although that may not be possible right now. But there is probably an attraction to something or someone exotic and foreign cultures are more attractive. Your life can also become BIG through study or various spiritual pursuits.


You may worry about money or community assets. Maybe intimacy is on your mind too. Someone could be looking for a deeper connection, maybe a real person or it could be something in you that wants completion. Your emotions are likely to be intense, so be careful not to overreact to a situation. Transformation is now happening at a very deep level. Keep your mouth shut about secrets while loose lips sink ships.


Important relationships with partners or spouses need attention now. Also pay special attention to the important women in your life as your feminine connections are now being transformed. Relationships with significant others are marked for change. Subconscious forces are at work and there may be changes with legalities or ‘overt enemies’.


There is change around your daily work, health or well-being. You may have to put your feelings on hold for a bit (not too long) while you deal with practicalities in these areas. However, your feelings eventually need to be addressed or they can go in all directions. Don’t try to stuff them into your body, or you could create an additional problem later on. Stay positive because better things are coming.


Now is the time to come out of your shell. Show your real feelings to those you really care about. You can also feel quite creative and playful. It’s time to socialize and have fun, which can involve various romantic pursuits. You can meet someone online or through a friend. The theater and other cultural events can now also take place. Change is coming.


Now is a good time to focus on your home and family. There is some kind of transformation going on around your home and family, have you thought about renovation or interior decoration? Female relatives are also flagged, so spend some time with them to sort out any issues. Change is a good thing.


Mind your comfort and safety now that the full moon is at work digging up some deep stuff. So it is important that you deal with these feelings. There may be “things” about your childhood or your family that need your attention. You may be reacting out of habit rather than being objective, so watch your feelings, but don’t let them control you.


It is now an active and busy time with a lot of communication and activity. You may need some support and may hear news of distant relatives or people you used to know. Your local community can also come out stronger when you’re busy with various errands and household chores. Changes in your promotions or marketing if you are a small business are likely.


The full moon is in your house of money and the things you value. Take care of your finances and possessions now. It’s not a good time to waste money on a whim, but spend it on practical things you really need. There may be changes in your value system and you may change your mind about what is valuable and important to you.


The full moon is in your sign, making this a very powerful time for you to re-examine who you are and what you really want. You are more attentive and sensitive than usual, so time alone at home or where you feel safe and comfortable is a good idea. Your thinking may be a little fuzzy or confused as you undergo a powerful transformation. Stay still and look within for guidance. Look within and you will find yourself on a deeper and more authentic level.


You are probably quite sensitive and intuitive right now, so spend a lot of time on self-reflection. It is a great time for meditation and pursuing your spiritual path. Transformational changes from deep within eventually emerge and you become more aware of the true meaning of your dreams and little ‘psychic’ flashes you might have during the day. Write down your feelings and your dreams so you can think about their possible meanings.