What the timing of when you put your Christmas decorations up says about your personality

It’s Christmas season! But there has been much debate about when the best time is to put up your Christmas decorations. 

According to psychologists, timing is a key indicator of personality. 

American author Dr Carmen Harra Committed: Finding Love and Loyalty Through Seven Archetypes FEMAIL was sent It is possible for those who have put up their decorations before November to struggle to live in the present.

The expert stated that people looking to display their Christmas tree proudly in early December are “more realistic in nature”

However, those who abandon it just days and weeks before Christmas 25th to arrange their festive decorations will likely be ‘traditional but pessimistic. 

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It’s the season to decorate the Christmas tree. But there has been much debate about when the best time is to do this. A photo of Christmas decorations shared by a user on social media.

Dr Carmen said: ‘If you’re one of the few people who has had their lights in place since October, then you like to be the first to do things. 

Expert says that buying decorations in person is more meaningful than shopping online. 

Dr Carmen insists that ‘Timing can tell a lot about someone, but there are other factors. 

‘Choosing to shop for decorations in person is more meaningful than ordering ornaments online; even if you spend hours scouring through different pages for the right wreath, it doesn’t compare to making the effort of visiting stores and feeling texture, checking size, waiting in line, and so on. 

“In general, hand-picking decorations personally is a better way to show your involvement.

You enjoy planning ahead and being able to execute well on time. You can also accurately anticipate holiday rushes and want to avoid them. 

“These skills will benefit you in the real-world because you’re organized, prepared and one step ahead of everyone else. 

‘Take care, however, not to confuse these traits with wanting to “get things out of the way;” there is a time and place for everything, and wanting to get things done ahead of their proper time subtracts from the joy of living in the moment and feeling anticipation for each season as it approaches.’

If you put up your decorations in NOVEMBER or EARLY DECEMBER 

The expert said: ‘If you decided to deck the halls in November or early December, you’re still ahead of the game: you like to get things done before or on schedule. 

“Decorating in November is a sign that you truly look forward to the holidays, as you have plenty time to change or add to your decorations before the big day. 

“Those who decorate a month before Christmas feel optimistic. They fantasize about their plans becoming reality and are filled with emotion when they think of being able to look back at their hard work. 

“On the contrary, people who enrich their home in early December have more fun and are more realistic.

Whether You Start Your Festive Decorating In November, Early December, As Soon As Summer Ends Or Just Weeks Before The Big Day, The Timing Can Say A Lot About Your Personality, According To One Psychologist. Pictured, A British Mother Shares A Photo Online Of Her Christmas Decorations

One psychologist says that the timing of your Christmas decorating can tell a lot about you. A British mother shared a picture online of her Christmas decorations.

Dr Carmen Harra, American Author Of Committed: Finding Love And Loyalty Through The Seven Archetypes, Told Femail How Those Who Put Their Decorations Up Before November Might Struggle To Enjoy 'Living In The Moment'. Pictured, A British Instagram User Shares A Photo Online Of Their Christmas Decorations

FEMAIL was told by Dr Carmen Harra (American author of Committed, Finding Love and Loyalty through the Seven Archetypes), that those who have their Christmas decorations up before November may find it difficult to enjoy the ‘living in now’. Pictured: A British Instagram user posts a picture online of their Christmas decorations

People Looking To Have Their Christmas Tree In Pride Of Place In Early December, Meanwhile, Are 'More Realistic In Nature', The Expert Said. Pictured, A British Instagram User Shares A Photo Online Of Their Christmas Decorations

According to the expert, people who wish to place their Christmas tree at the top of their December tree are’more realistic in reality’. Pictured: A British Instagram user posts a picture online of their Christmas decorations

However, Those Who Leave It Just Days Or Weeks Before December 25Th To Sort Out Their Festive Decorations Are Likely To Be 'Traditional But Pessimistic'. Pictured, A Person Posts A Photo Online Of Their Christmas Decorations

However, those who abandon it days or weeks before Christmas to organize their Christmas decorations are more likely to be “traditional but pessimistic”. A person uploads a picture online of their Christmas decorations.

If you put up your decorations during the last week before Christmas

According to the psychologist, this could indicate a problem with procrastination and tardiness. You tend to delay things until the very last minute. 

Psychology studies show that how long you keep your decorations up can reveal a lot about who you are. 

Dr Carmen said: ‘Taking your tree down immediately can signify that you’re efficient and quick to get things done, but it can also indicate that you feel inwardly relieved that Christmas is over. 

‘By contrast, leaving your tree up for months after Christmas can portray you as a person who procrastinates or one who is disassociated with the notion of time and doesn’t fully engage in the present. 

“Decorating for holidays in time is a good rule of thumb. It conveys an optimistic, open attitude, a greater appreciation for and reverence for the seasons that come and go.”

“Those who wait until the last minute (or even day) to decorate will be disappointed!” It is possible to wait until Christmas Eve to decorate or make a reservation or purchase a birthday gift.

“This personality type is less optimistic than those who have put up decorations over time. 

‘They don’t particularly look forward to the festive season, performing the task of decorating because they feel more obliged than inspired. 

‘They prefer to see Christmas come and go, and it may be because the season doesn’t hold the same tender meaning it used to when they were younger or because they don’t see much sense to decorating under unhappy circumstances. They try to maintain tradition.

If you do not put up any decorations

‘Making the decision not to decorate at all implies that you don’t regard the season as worth the effort,’ said Dr Carmen. 

“This act is associated more with pessimism then decorating during the final days of Christmas. 

‘This personality type would like to avoid the holidays altogether, possibly because they can’t spend those special days with their loved ones or a traumatic event occurred in the past around this time of the year. 

They are not excited about holiday celebrations and will simply ignore them until they pass.

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