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What the actual f is wrong with you quiz: Do you dare take this viral personality test?

Do YOU ​​dare to take the viral quiz that reveals your personality flaws? Quirky questions about eating habits and wearing socks to bed can reveal if you’re ‘irritating’

  • Bizarre quiz to tell people what’s ‘wrong with them’ has gone viral online
  • The 14 questions ‘what the hell is wrong with you’ quiz is hosted on Uquiz
  • Results range from ‘compulsive liar’ to ‘stupid a** b****’ on the Russian website

A bizarre quiz to tell people what’s “actually wrong with them” has gone viral online – with answers like “you’re fucking annoying” or “you have too much freedom.”

The 14 question ‘what the hell is wrong with you’ quiz asks if someone is a picky eater or wears socks to bed, for example to try to discover the ‘problem’ the participant is experiencing.

Hosted on the Russian website Uquiz, the results range from a ‘compulsive liar’ to a ‘stupid a** b****’ – and contain very harsh statements.

For example according to Pop Buzzif your result says you’re “normal,” the description reads, “There’s nothing wrong with you, but you want it to be.”

“You probably act like you’re fighting and supporting what’s trending. You act really fake and want to be the main character. You force yourself on others (not literally) and are overbearing. Gtfoz.’

The website first asks you to enter your name and press ‘Start Quiz’ to get to the 14 multiple choice questions developed by user yvngslvt. You are not required to use your real name or provide any further personal information.

One question asks participants what they would do if their friend were choking, while another asks, “What did you do as a child while on the Internet unsupervised?”

Once all 14 questions in the quiz have been answered, it will introduce you ‘what the hell is going on’ and invite you to share it on social media.

See the questions below, as well as the possible results available…

A bizarre quiz to tell people what's 'actually wrong with them' has gone viral online - with answers like 'you're fucking annoying' or 'have too much freedom' (stock photo)

A bizarre quiz to tell people what’s ‘actually wrong with them’ has gone viral online – with answers like ‘you’re fucking annoying’ or ‘have too much freedom’ (stock photo)


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