What Should You Be Looking For In Philadelphia’s Next Municipal Court Judge?

Municipal Courts have long been a crucial element of the legal system in the US. These courts hear a range of different cases, from civil divisions to criminal misdemeanors, and this means that they often play a central role in the communities that they serve. Like many of the courts in North America, judges for Municipal Courts have to be elected. Of all of Philadelphia’s candidates for the next term, this article will be focusing on Greg Yorgey-Girdy, giving you an idea of what makes him the best choice for Municipal Court.

A Progressive Thinker

If elected, Greg Yorgey-Girdy would be the first openly gay man to be a Municipal Court judge in history. Alongside his connections to the LGBT+ community, Greg is also a strong voice in communities of color in Philadelphia, giving him a unique view of the world that doesn’t leave anyone behind. Progressive thinking is especially important in courts that deal with minor misdemeanors. These types of cases often involve those from minority groups and many courts struggle to treat people fairly when they have a different ethnic background. Greg Yorgey-Girdy is passionate about making courts fair for everyone, starting in Philadelphia.

A Fighter For Fairness

Having spent almost two decades focused on litigation, conflicts, and compliance in his legal career, Greg has experienced a wide range of cases. This has provided him with a unique insight into the struggles that defendants often find themselves with, giving him a keen sense of fairness. If elected as Philadelphia’s Municipal Court judge, Greg will work tirelessly to ensure that every case is dealt with fairly, providing a level playing field for businesses, individuals, and communities in this beautiful and vibrant state. Alongside making individual cases fairer, Greg also wants to make courts more accessible, giving marginalized and compromised communities access to this vital service.

An Experienced Legal Expert

Municipal Court Judges have to spend at least 6 years working as a professional attorney before they can be elected. This ensures that they have the right level of legal expertise to make fair and legal judgments, but Greg Yorgey-Girdy far exceeds this bracket. With almost 2 decades of experience working in a wide range of legal fields, Greg is an excellent candidate who will have no trouble negotiating the complex legal situations that Municipal Courts deal with. Greg currently works as Manager of Conflicts and Conflicts Counsel to Potter Anderson; one of Delaware’s oldest and largest legal firms.

The fight for fairness in the field of law has always been a challenge for strong-willed legal professionals like Greg Yorgey-Girdy. Having spent so many years working with members of his community and those around it, Greg feels passionate about the role of Municipal Court Judge in Philly, and we believe that he represents the standard that should be set for judges across America. Of course, though, you should always look at the other candidates for roles like this before you cast a vote.