What Should be Considered When Selecting a Breed of Cattle?

If you’re new to the cattle business, whether you’re running a farm or a ranch, then there are several aspects of the business that you need to learn in order to be successful. You must learn the best process for selecting a breed of cattle because if you choose a low-quality, inferior breed, you could end up losing more money than you’re earning, and that isn’t desirable. Here is a complete overview of what should be considered when selecting a breed of cattle, so you can be as successful as possible.

Determine the best cow breeds to meet your needs

Before making a decision regarding the breed of cows you’d like to populate your farm with, you need to determine what your goal is. If your ultimate goal is to earn a living, then you will definitely want to opt for a heartier cow and ensure it gives birth annually so it will maintain an ongoing milk supply. You also need to consider the climate you’re in when deciding on cow breeds. There are many breeds of cows available, and they’re all different when it comes to size, temperature tolerance, and more. If you live in a climate where the weather becomes quite cold in the winter, then you need cattle who can tolerate cold temperatures. On the other hand, if you’re in a hotter climate, then you need to choose a breed of cattle that is more tolerant of hotter weather. If you don’t do your research in advance and you live in a cold climate but purchase cattle better suited for hot weather, then you could lose a great deal of money. By ensuring the comfort and health of your cattle, you increase your chances of greater profits. 

Some farmers falsely believe that if they buy the best cows that will yield the highest amounts of milk, that they will be most successful. However, this isn’t necessarily true, because larger cows yielding large amounts of milk require large amounts of feed, which could become costly. Sometimes smaller cows that require less feed bring greater success. While smaller cows may yield lower amounts of milk, things can still balance out, so you’re making a decent return on your investments.

Choose a breed known for easier birthing 

While you can’t always predict whether a cow will have an easier birth, you can choose a breed of cow that is known for having easier births, like black Angus. Black Angus cows typically birth calves with lower birth weights, which significantly improves the outcome of the birthing process. The larger a calf is, the higher the chances of the mother experiencing problems during its birth are. A difficult birthing can complicate the entire process of reproduction and can lead to calves that are more prone to disease and other difficulties. Problems during calving can also increase the cow’s chances of dying or require a longer period of time to recover from birth. Some cows are even unable to calve again in the future due to a difficult birth, which is something that you definitely don’t want.

Obtain sound advice from viable sources

While conducting your research on the best cattle to populate your farm or ranch with, it is important that you obtain your data from viable sources. If you speak with ranch owners or other farmers, many will be biased when it comes to their own personal preferences. That is why you need to conduct further research if a source recommends a specific breed, so you can find out the pros and cons of owning that particular breed. There is a wealth of information online regarding choosing a breed of cattle, so just make sure that that particular breed can help you meet your goals before making a final choice.

Opt for a registered Angus cattle seller

In order to ensure you don’t end up with sickly, puny livestock, you should only deal with a registered Angus cattle seller. Why? First of all, a registered Angus cattle dealer will offer registered Angus cattle that are healthy, well-bred, and fertile, which will help your farming business to thrive. By purchasing cattle from a viable registered Angus cattle dealer, you are guaranteed to have well-producing cattle, which will enable you to reach your goals much sooner.