What Should A Formal Business Document Have?


If you are running a business, then it might include a lot of paperwork. It is essential that all these papers are authentic and original. They represent your company and you are responsible for the content written over it. To make these formal business papers authentic, original, and formal, they must have a unique rubber stamp. Dial A Stamp Australia provides the best quality rubber stamps and ink that will make your business documents look formal and original. All your business documents must have these rubber stamps as proof of originality. Here are some other things that a formal business document must have.

  • A Fixed Format:

A business document with varying and unstructured format looks dull and unprofessional. Your company needs to have a fixed format that all kinds of papers must follow. This format should contain all the basic information from the name of the company to the address of the office. Additional details can also have contact information and the company’s website link. Set a proper alignment so that it looks authentic and such that a person can read it comfortably. You can also hire a professional graphic designer to help you set a fixed format.

  • Company Logo:

Similar to the signature of humans, every company has its unique logo. This logo is the identification of your company. After you have a logo designed, you can have it registered so that no other company can use it. However, all your business documents ranging from an invoice to a visiting card must have a logo. The logo is a kind of graphic and hence people will recognize your company with their photographic memory. This will not only advertise your business but will also make your business document look authentic as well as original.

  • A Unique Font:

The font that you use in your business documents is also an identity of your company. Firstly, a font that you use should be legible to the viewer. The person should not waste their time figuring out the alphabet on your business paper. It is suggested to avoid unprofessional fonts and rather use formal and professional fonts. A good font is important for a good visual representation of your business document. Make sure that you follow a similar font for all your business papers. A paper with a different font style and font size implies that it is a fake document.

  • Paper Quality & Background Color:

Every company uses a different paper quality. It has unique glossiness as well as thickness. Therefore, make a choice and choose the quality of paper for your business documents. While selecting, make sure that kind of paper is readily available in the market for long years. You shall avoid printing on black paper. A formal business document should have a particular background color. Instead of using a background color, you can also put your company logo or any image that represents your company. Decrease the opacity to make the text legible and clear.